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Office Lockers For Your Workplace

If you run an office or any other business where employees need to store items such as cell phones, lunches, purses, and binders, then you’ll need to get a safe and secure solution.

Keeping the peace between co-workers and departments can also be difficult, but it’s vital to keeping a company running well for years to come. Theft between workers of the same building can range from simple lunch and drink theft to stealing money and other valuables from others, and this can create an environment in which distracted employees will not work as well as they should.

Lockers can come to the rescue, allowing employees and owners alike to store their valuables in a safe place during work hours.

What Are Office Lockers?

When most think of lockers, the large, metal type come to mind from gyms and high schools. While lockers have been around since the times of Ancient Greece, we’ve come a long way from those times, and even from the times where most lockers were unattractive and more suited for schools and industrial work sites. In addition, lockers were once cut and measured to fit a specific location. Now they can be manufactured ahead of time before being ordered and installed.

Many different types of lockers exist today, and some will look very good in an office setting. Metal lockers can come in different sizes, ranging from those designed to hold cell phones to lockers that can hold entire wardrobes for places such as hospitals.

Many lockers are metal, but advances in modern technology have led to lockers made of wood, or with an attractive wood finish. These lockers can be ordered in a few different colors, allowing you to match or enhance the palette of your office.

Plastic lockers are also available, and these are sometimes less expensive than wooden lockers. These lockers are typically 12 inches wide and come in a variety of heights. Single tier to ten tier lockers are available, and plastic lockers are good at resisting humidity if that is needed.

Can I Order Different Sizes?

Office lockers come in sizes ranging from full-sized (like standard lockers) to mailbox sized. Before ordering the right lockers for your office, determine how much storage your employees need, and what they will be storing. Of course, you’ll need to determine how many employees will use the lockers, too, to avoid any wasted cost.

In offices, many employees only need to store cell phones and tablets, and perhaps purses. Getting multi-tier lockers that are only several inches high should be enough to accommodate employees.

In other settings, such as medical settings where employees must change their clothing, full-sized lockers are recommended, especially in areas that get cold in the winter and require the use of boots and coats to get to work. Larger lockers are also recommended when employees wish to store coats, hats, and boots in regular offices as well.

Lockers also come in different tiers. A single tier locker will have just one locker per column, while a ten-tier locker will contain ten small lockers per column. This will allow you to order as many lockers as you need and mix and match sizes as necessary.

When installing lockers, it’s a good idea to leave additional space for more lockers (say, on a wall) if your expect your business to grow in the near future. This will allow you to simply purchase more lockers as needed.

Many lockers have standard locks and keys, or even an area for padlocks. However, electronic locks that allow employees to punch in a code also exist, and this can eliminate the problem of lost keys.

What are the Benefits?

Office lockers come with many benefits that go beyond convenience.

Preventing theft in the office will go a long way towards employee satisfaction, and satisfied employees are far less likely to turn over. Keeping the same employees is less expensive than replacing employees every few months, which can cost two to three times an employee’s annual pay.

The right lockers can also enhance the look of an office. Breaking up the plain white that many offices have can go a long way towards boosting employee mood and productivity.

Lockers also last for a long time, and metal lockers especially are made of 16-guage steel. This means that damage to lockers, especially in an indoor area, is very unlikely. After investing the initial cost into lockers, you probably will never need to do it again, unless your business grows, and you bring in more employees.

Allowing employees to store potentially distracting items such as cell phones can also help to boost worker focus and productivity if that is needed.

What Happens if My Lockers Get Damaged?

If a lock breaks, a door gets dented, or some other damage happens, then instead of replacing the entire locker cabinet or set of lockers, you can simply order replacement parts. Look for locker options and locks.

This will allow business owners to replace locker parts such as locks, hinges, and doors at minimal cost. Both standard and electronic locks are available for replacement.

Of course, lockers are durable, and replacement should not happen often, if at all. However, it is possible that a lock could jam, or you will wish to replace a malfunctioning electronic lock.

A few customizations are also available for lockers such as hoods that provide an angle with the wall to which lockers are mounted. Name plates and number plates can also be added to lockers for a more professional feel, and these can also go a long way towards enhancing your office’s look.

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