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Make Your Holiday Envelopes Stand Out

Anyone who receives mail knows that it’s often easy to miss important mail, because it is often mixed in with advertisements, many of which arrive in plain and sometimes unmarked envelopes. When you send something important like a holiday card, no matter what time of year, or even a birthday card, you want the recipient to notice your envelope right away.

This is important when many new companies are using direct mail to advertise, because it stands out more than email. Other companies may send important correspondence through the mail as well. Thankfully, there are many ways to make your holiday card stand out from other envelopes.

Use Bright Colors. Envelopes don’t just come in the standard white shade. Those that come in red, green, and other bright colors are available, and you’ll want to choose a color that corresponds to a holiday or a birthday. Christmas cards can use red or green envelopes, while birthday cards can make use of pastel shades. Valentine’s Day cards may be pink, red, or violet, with white highlights.

You can go beyond using a plain-colored envelope, however. If you wish to decorate your envelopes further, be sure to use colors that go well together. Red and green work well for Christmas, while blues and yellows work well for celebrations such as weddings. Neutral colors such as brown or tan can be combined with almost any other color for a beautiful effect.

If you choose a darker color such as red or purple, make sure you make the address stand out by using a sticker or label with a lighter background. You’ll want the mail carrier to be able to read it easily.

Make Your Own. Not all envelopes have to be the standard business size, or even shaped like a rectangle. If you want an envelope that truly stands out to your recipient, consider making your own envelope. You are now free to make one in virtually any size (if it fits into a standard mailbox and stays together.)

Making your own envelope will allow you to use different paper types, and even some other materials, so long as it’s flat and paper-like. Just make sure that anything you choose holds together during mail handling!

The creation of your own envelopes is sure to be remembered by your recipient and can send a message that he or she is special. You’ll need some basic supplies such as scissors and a glue gun, and if you want to decorate your mailing further, read on.

Add Decorations. Tape, stickers, and ribbons are great for making your envelopes stand out from the crowd. Just make sure to use complementary colors for the right touch, unless the recipient is a young child.

Many decorative tapes are available that are complete with patterns that can suit almost any occasion. These tapes may need to be moistened before applying to any surface, and they’re useful not just for envelopes. Tapes can be purchased with holiday decorations that can easily match a primary color, or you can find tapes with glitter, patterns, or other types of prints.

Ribbons may work well on envelopes as well, but you’ll need to glue these to any envelope you use. Ribbons can be purchased in rolls, allowing you to decorate many envelopes in the same fashion. This is useful if you’re sending multiple invitations to an event or sending out holiday cards to a list of people.

Stickers are best used in moderation, unless you’re using no other decorations on your envelope, or you’re sending a birthday card to a child. In that case, stickers will carry the right vibe, and they are highly customizable.

Don’t discount drawing your own illustrations, so long as they don’t crowd out your address or make it hard to read. You can do artwork on the front or the back of an envelope.

Don’t Go Too Crazy. It’s great to add an occasional splash of color to your mailer, or a bit of texture such as a glittery piece of tape. But you don’t want to go too crazy with too many different colors or textures. By losing that subtle effect, your envelope can end up appearing tacky.

A good rule of thumb is to stick with no more than two or three main colors, and to avoid having more than one texture on your envelope. Don’t crowd it too much with decorations.

Keep It Safe. Of course, it’s important that you mail and receive your mail and protect it from damage and theft. You don’t want to put so much work into an envelope only to have it get lost or stolen. At National Mailboxes, we offer many secure options for protecting and receiving your mail. If you have any questions, be sure to reach out today.