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Maintaining Your Budget: 5 Reasons to Buy Wholesale Mailboxes

Do you have a line item in your budget for mail? What about mailboxes?

For most businesses, the mail is a significant expense. Between postage and the fuel cost of driving to the mail facility, mail expenses add up quickly.

One way you can maximize your budget is by using wholesale mailboxes.

These mailboxes don’t only help your bottom line. They also come with the stamp of approval from the USPS. Keeping the postal service happy also saves you money by ensuring you install an approved box the first time around.

Wholesale Mailboxes Save Money

Wondering how mailboxes save your business money? It’s a logical question and one we can answer by looking at 3 benefits of wholesale mailboxes.

First, when you install mailboxes inside your business or residential apartment building, you have natural protection from mail theft. Thieves are less likely to enter a building and tamper with a mailbox when they assume security cameras record their activities.

Second, if you install commercial mailboxes inside a residential building, you help protect your tenants from identity theft. While identity theft doesn’t affect you directly, if it happens to a tenant because of unsecured mailboxes, you may end up losing a good tenant. Every building owner understands the importance of retaining excellent tenants.

Finally, when you use mailbox units you save money on repairs. These mailboxes take a beating from all kinds of weather, including rain, high winds, and heavy snow. Durability means fewer repairs needed.

Enjoy Volume Discount Pricing

What happens when you own commercial buildings and have multiple tenants? You need more than one mailbox!

This is where volume discount pricing can help maximize your budget.

Not all mailbox companies offer volume discounts. Some suppliers only extend discounts if you order more than five units.

When shopping for your wholesale mailbox needs make sure you ask about discounts for ordering multiple units. Another benefit some companies offer along with volume discounts is free shipping and/or freight.

Customized Mail Slots

Most businesses don’t have one-size-fits-all mailbox needs. If that sounds strange, consider for a minute what types of mail you receive at your business. Then think about what you send out.

If your business or your business tenants receive both envelopes and boxed packages, you’ll need customized mail slots.

You can order cluster mailboxes customized to fit your requirements. Customized mailboxes normally have at least one parcel box. They also have primary slots for letters and large envelopes.

You and your business tenants can save time by picking up their mail from one place instead of making a separate trip to the post office.

Wholesale Mailboxes and Replacement Parts

We’ve already mentioned the durability and safety of wholesale mailboxes. These mailboxes don’t require frequent replacements of parts. When they do, you’ll have easy access to parts from your vendor.

Purchasing mailboxes from a big box store, or purchasing individual boxes usually limits your ability to find the correct replacement parts.

A company that specializes in commercial mailboxes also supplies any parts you need. This saves you money and time. In fact, many commercial mailbox companies offer limited warranties meaning you could have some parts replaced at little to no charge.

Ready for New Mailboxes?

Most business send/receive mail meaning they need mailboxes of some sort. Wholesale mailboxes offer several benefits including mail security, protection from the weather, and cost savings.

You may even find a company who offers discounts on volume orders and free shipping.

If you’re ready to buy mailboxes in bulk for your business or residential buildings, check out our selection of mailbox products. We’d love to help you choose the best mailbox solutions for your unique needs.