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Mailboxes For Private Delivery: The Options

In the year 2020, the USPS handled nearly 130 billion pieces of mail. Many pieces of mail went directly to customers’ mailboxes, but some mail must go through third parties before reaching their recipients. This situation typically happens in places such as college campuses, military bases, some offices, and some government buildings.

When mail goes through a third party after USPS delivery before reaching its recipients (and no mail theft or tampering is going on) private delivery happens. An employee of an office building, multi-family residential property, military base, or college campus receives bulk mail from the USPS, and holds onto that mail or delivers it to each customer.

Mailboxes Ease The Burden

Private delivery can happen in apartment lobbies, mail rooms, or through office document sorters. Sometimes, an employee hand-delivers items to each recipient, or mail rooms operate on campuses for mail pickup.

The issue with these approaches is that they are often time-consuming and inconvenient for employees and recipients. Mail rooms on college campuses and military bases are often busy, with mail and packages stacking up in a small space. Mail often gets lost as well, and these rooms are often open only during business hours, when it is difficult for students and staff to pick up mail.

Having an employee hand-deliver mail to each recipient can also pose issues if there are more than a few recipients, or if package volume is high. Carrying packages to each customer can be hazardous for employees, and if each recipient isn’t home, leaving packages in front of apartment or office doors can lead to theft.

In offices, such an approach can also lead to lost mail, time wasted, and potential injury unless the mail volume is low.

By purchasing mailboxes for each customer, companies, campuses, and other properties that handle mail after USPS delivery can solve many of these issues. For private delivery, there are many options available, as these mailboxes do not have to meet the new 4C requirements set forth by the USPS in 2006.

Types of Mailboxes Available

With private delivery, some form of centralized mail delivery comes into play. With centralized delivery, multiple customer compartments come in one cabinet. Each cabinet can contain several or dozens of compartments, and all can mount side by side to create a customized mail setup.

These types of mailboxes can come on pedestals, as freestanding models, wall-mounted, or as recessed types.

Mail gets placed into a customer’s compartment and stays there until the customer can retrieve it. These compartments can lock, keeping mail secure, and a variety of shapes and sizes are available.

4C mailboxes come approved for USPS delivery, but they can work for private delivery as well. These units have horizontal compartments and come as freestanding, wall-mounted, or recessed models. All work well for indoor or outdoor use. They will also have at least one parcel locker per ten compartments, and they are more durable and secure than their older counterparts.

4C mailboxes may be an option to boost security and prevent vandalism and parcel lockers can handle package delivery. Centralized mail can have more parcel lockers added.

The older 4B mailboxes can work well for private delivery, although they no longer meet USPS requirements for new installations. These cabinets contain square, horizontal, or vertical customer units. Most can lock. However, they typically lack parcel lockers.

Rack ladder mailboxes mount onto racks and are great for private delivery. They can install inside attractive rotary mailbox enclosures, making private delivery customizable. Data delivery boxes can also mount onto racks, and are designed to handle sensitive data.

Mailboxes For Apartments

While it’s recommended that mailboxes for USPS delivery be installed in a place within one city block of each tenant, this may not work well if many residents are elderly or disabled, or if no centralized space is available. In such a situation, private delivery may work well.

Private delivery may be an option if an employee is available to hand deliver mail to each tenant compartment or parcel locker. This situation may work well if residents have mobility issues or if mail is being delivered from the USPS to a lobby which may not be open during non-business hours.

4C vertical mailboxes can work well in apartment buildings if the residents cannot walk far, as they typically contain only a few mailboxes. They can mount on the outside of each apartment building or on the ground floor. Several vertical 4C mailboxes can serve several buildings and areas.

For College Campuses and Military Bases

College campuses serve hundreds or thousands of students, and a large one can serve over 15,000. Military bases also handle large amounts of mail. Private mail delivery happens often, and the right mailboxes can ease the burden of mail rooms.

4C or 4B horizontal mailboxes mount side by side, allowing installers to create a customized setup. Large hallways or corridors work well for housing recessed mailboxes. Recipients can check their mail at their convenience, and parcel lockers can add to a setup to house packages that would otherwise clog mail rooms.

For Offices

Offices not only receive mail but exchange it amongst employees. Many receive plenty of packages as well, making the older 4B mailboxes ideal for lobbies and other central areas.

Horizontal mailboxes (4B or 4C) work well when security is needed, and a central area is available that may be out of the way of USPS delivery. They also work the best when multiple different businesses use the same property. A private employee can quickly and easily distribute mail to each business on a commercial property, and that can include packages if parcel lockers come with the setup or get added to it.

Some 4B mailboxes can mount on racks, making customization easy. Data delivery boxes are extra secure and can protect health records and government communications, and they work well for private delivery between employees of the same organization.

Getting Started

There may be some questions surrounding private delivery, but the good news is that private delivery offers more flexibility than standard USPS delivery. The mailboxes for private delivery are the same, and many options are available for every environment.

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