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Which Mailbox Styles Are Popular With Small Business Owners?

When running a business, there’s nothing more important than a good first impression. Many business owners strive to focus on the details to put forth the best image of their company. They want their customers to see the best they have to offer.

Here’s one detail you may have overlooked: mailbox style. Different types of mailboxes can change the exterior image of your business.

Learn how to better your image and be at the top of your game. We’ve compiled the most popular mailbox styles for small business owners. Show your customers how must you care about details by going the extra mile.

Keep reading to delve deep into the world of mailboxes!

An Important Tip

Before choosing the best mailbox for your company, we recommend knowing the rules. Researching local mailbox regulations will prevent any surprises later on. Plus, it’ll help you make the right choice when buying a mailbox.

Commercial mailboxes have different regulations set by the United States Postal Service [USPS]. They’re different than your average residential mailboxes. Be aware that different types of mailboxes will have different regulations as well.

These types of commercial mailboxes can come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs, including horizontal or vertical. Another element that affects mailbox regulations in what material is inside.

A Touch of Time: Timeless Mailbox Styles

Mailboxes make great accent pieces. Use your mailbox for collecting mail and as timeless decor. Consider going vintage and installing a Victorian mailbox with an intricate design.

There isn’t a better way to lure potential customers than with an artsy mailbox. Victorian mailbox posts are also an option. These are stand-alone mailboxes made of sturdy materials to weather any conditions.

Other styles include:

  • Commercial aluminum unit
  • Pedestal commercial cluster unit
  • Free-standing mail chest or package drops

You may be wondering: what do these fancy names mean? Buckle on tight, we’re about to dive into each of these styles!

Commercial Aluminum Unit, Mounted

Commercial units that mount on the wall fit best the outside of your building. They could also fit within the walls. What does that mean? Some commercial mailbox units can mount outside your door. This is like an ordinary mailbox but on the wall.

The other style of mounted mailboxes goes inside cubbies in the wall. This would need construction if you don’t have the space available already. Most of the time, this occurs in places that get super cold during the winter.

When temperatures drop, you won’t have to freeze to get your mail. Another benefit of this style is that no one can knock down your mailbox.

Pedestal Commercial Cluster Unit

You may have seen these mailboxes outside of apartment complexes. These cluster units come in either horizontal or vertical units. There are keys for each unit and they’re often numbered or lettered.

These cluster units go outside of your business. They are a great addition to a chain of local businesses that’s all in one business center. These units make it easier for businesses to collect their mail.

They also make it easier on mail carriers because they only have to drive to one unit versus each individual building. Aside from efficiency, these units offer space for paper mail and packages. The only drawback is that package containers are only available for one person at a time.

The mail person leaves the key package owners unit. That space is unusable until they pick up their package. For businesses that have many incoming packages, this may not be the best fit.

Free-Standing Mail Chest and Package Drops

Free-standing mail chest is a fancy name for a bigger residential mailbox. Free-standing means the mailbox stands on its own and is not mounted on the wall or inside the wall. You can plant these mailboxes curbside for USPS to make a drop-off.

For commercial mailboxes, security is vital. These mailboxes come with a lock and key to ensure your mail is safe and not tampered with. You can find different versions of free-standing mail chests and package drops.

They come in plastic, wood, or aluminum. The federal highway advisory recommends avoiding inflexible metals. While you want a mailbox with great durability, you need a mailbox that can fall over with ease if it’s struck by a car.

Mailboxes that have inflexible metals become lethal weapons in car accidents. In short, they’re like swords if someone runs into them.

Make a Checklist

If you’re not sure how to choose your mailbox, make a checklist. Make bullet points of what you most desire and what features you don’t need. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does it have a lock and key?
  • Do I have space for a mounted mailbox?
  • Can I install a free-standing mailbox and keep up with regulations?
  • Will I be sharing with other local businesses in a business center?

The options are endless and you can choose the best fit for you. Designs and materials vary, as well as shape and size. When choosing among different mailbox styles, be sure to consider how it’ll look like when you get to use it.

Will you have room for everyone to get their packages? Do you need space management? More importantly: does it abide by local regulations?

Research your options and be aware before you buy, and you’ll be on your way to buying the best mailbox for your company.

What We Know

Mailbox styles are always transforming. We know all there is to know about different mailbox styles. If these styles haven’t peaked your interest, you may consider traveling back in time!

Our blogs tackle a variety of topics, and here you can see different mailbox styles over time. See something you like? Check out our commercial products to get your up to high-speed for Monday morning!

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