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Mailbox Chic! How to Find the Most Stylish Mailbox Ideas to Match Your House

Did you know that the United States Postal Service handles almost 500 million pieces of mail each day?

Receiving a letter from a loved one or a fun package you bought online can be the highlight of your day. Whether you’re a homeowner or live in an apartment, having a mailbox that matches your personality is a must.

If you want some inspiration for choosing yours, here are 5 mailbox ideas you’re bound to love.

1. Woodsy Mailbox Designs

If your home is nestled in a rural area, you might want to highlight its charm with a rustic mailbox. There are tons of creative designs you can choose.

This mailbox is simple and reminds you of the old days. Its copper color is like a shiny penny that always brings good luck.

If you’re brave and good with your hands, you could even try your luck at building a wooden mailbox.

2. Chic Mailbox Post Ideas

If you enjoy the finer things in life, finding a posh mailbox design is your cup of tea!

This charming Victorian mailbox comes with its own pedestal and key. The bronze color paired with the Pony Express logo will look stunning in any weather. The gold accent is sure to make you feel fancy.

Since the mailbox is coated with resistant materials, it can last a lifetime.

3. Mail Boxes Designs for Apartments

When you live in an apartment, choosing your own mailbox is tricky. Most apartment complexes use a shared box with individual slots for each renter.

If you know your complex will be undergoing renovations, you could suggest replacing the mailboxes with this statement 8-tenant mailbox.

Its gorgeous sheen will sparkle in any light. Since it has high-security measures, you can feel at peace knowing your mail is safe. Mailboxes are a small accessory, but they add a lot of value to the surrounding properties.

4. Quirky Mailbox Ideas

With a creative mind, you can make any standard mailbox design fun. You may not know it, but there is a booming industry full of mailbox magnets, statues, paints, flags, and more to help you decorate.

Thanks to image-sharing websites like Pinterest, you can see hundreds of other peoples’ wacky mailboxes.

If you live in Florida, your neighbors would get a kick out of an alligator mailbox post. If you have a good sense of humor, why not paint a funny face on your mailbox equipped with a long tongue that hangs out whenever the door is opened?

5. Personalized Mailbox Design that Will Always Make You Smile

What are your greatest passions in life? If there’s something that fills your heart with joy, you can decorate your mailbox with it.

This particular wall mount mailbox is perfect for tailoring to your own tastes. Since it’s beige, it can be painted over in any color or look gorgeous with a few smaller splashes of color.

You could make your mailbox look like a birdhouse if you love animals. If you’re a foodie, you could transform it into a replica of your favorite meal. The possibilities are endless.

Want to Find Your Perfect Mailbox?

With these fun mailbox ideas, you’ll be excited to check your mail every day.

If you want to find a mailbox that is secure, stylish, and USPS approved, look no further than National Mailboxes. Check out our residential mailboxes to find your perfect match.