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Mailbox Accessories for Every Business Need

Business Mailboxes

If you run a business, you likely know that handling mail involves more than just putting outgoing mail in a box and picking up the incoming mail later that day. Business owners likely need to ship out orders, receive packages, print packing labels, and deal with any type of sensitive information such as account numbers and medical records. And that’s not all: if you run a larger business or commercial complex, you likely need to sort mail once it gets delivered to your building.

The good news is that having the right mailboxes can alleviate many of these issues. But did you know that there are also several mail accessories meant to aid businesses with mail-related tasks?

Accessories include:

  • Mail hampers and totes for collecting large mail volumes
  • Mail sorters of various types
  • High Security Collection Mailboxes
  • Mail Package Drop Boxes
  • Mailbox Directories

For Large Mail Volumes, Packages, and Extra Security

Mail hampers, totes, collection mailboxes, and sorters are ideal for collecting a lot of incoming and outgoing mail at once, and for sorting and delivering incoming mail. These accessories are great for larger businesses, or for mail rooms that sort and collect mail for multiple companies or departments within the same property. They also work well when many employees within the same company need to receive or send out mail.

  1. Mail totes are simply plastic totes just like those sometimes used by the USPS to collect and transport larger mail volumes and are best for collecting regular-sized mail. Many offices and companies use a mail tote or two to collect mail after postage has been applied. Be sure to place any mail totes used for this purpose in a secured area that is heavily monitored, especially if you are dealing with personal information.
  2. Mail slots. Optionally, you can place mail totes underneath a mail slot, to ensure that collected mail remains behind a locked door until it is time to pass it off to the post office. Some mail slots can allow employees to place mail through a wall and into a collection area on the other side.
  3. Mail hampers can collect very large mail volumes that may be generated in warehouses or other very large businesses and can be used to transport packages to various places within a business. However, the USPS will not use them directly to deliver—you’ll need someone within your business to handle this task.
  4. High Security Collection Mailboxes are good for keeping incoming and outgoing mail locked and secure, and these pedestal-style mailboxes work well with the USPS. Many are approved for use with the USPS, but it’s always good to check with your local post office before installing one. These collection mailboxes work with mail totes, and some have a slot for incoming mail and one for outgoing mail. If you want to prevent mail theft and aren’t always open to collect or hand over mail, a locking collection mailbox may be a good accessory for your business. Just make sure the USPS can reach it during any hour.
  5. Mail package drop boxes, package protector boxes, and parcel lockers keep outgoing and incoming packages safe. Some units are approved for USPS use, meaning the post office can deliver directly to them or take from them. If you just want lockers to keep packages safe until pickup, and an employee will handle package placement, look into package protector collection box units for private use. They can hold packages from any carrier until pickup, so long as you have a third party deliver to them. Another way to keep packages safe is to use parcel lockers, which can be added to existing, USPS-approved mailboxes of the same type. The USPS can deliver directly to approved parcel lockers, keeping many packages safe until retrieval.
  6. Mail sorters are great for organizing incoming mail and are good for college mailrooms as well as larger companies that distribute mail to each department, business, or office. Many types of mail sorters are available, and they come in a variety of styles and colors to fit the mood of any space. Some can even fit on desks and counters, making them easy to install and use. Be sure to label each compartment accurately. Mail sorters are only useful for private delivery, meaning that the USPS cannot deliver directly to them.
  7. Mailbox directories are simply displays with a list of mailboxes and their owners. They are useful for both the USPS and any third parties when it comes to locating certain mailboxes quickly.

National Mailboxes has mail accessories for your business and commercial property needs, to help you keep your mail delivery safe and running effectively. If you have questions about your mail setup, be sure to reach out to National Mailboxes today.