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Mail Station Accessories to Benefit Your Community or Business

A well-made, convenient mail station offers many benefits to a community or a commercial property, such as an office building. Mail stations, which typically consist of multiple customer compartments, outgoing mail slots, and oftentimes parcel lockers, are increasingly popular in recent years. Centralized mailboxes all have locks and multiple compartments inside of a single cabinet. Better yet, centralized mailboxes can mount side by side, and indoor and outdoor options are available. Locking compartments keep mail and packages safe until pickup, and mail stations work well for USPS pickup and delivery, as well as private delivery, which is performed by a third party.

Mail stations are versatile and also useful for college campuses and military bases. However, standard mail stations often aren’t perfect or have all the features that a business, commercial property, or community can use.

The good news is that accessories are available to improve your centralized mailboxes.

Trash Slots and Cans

If you run a community, you’ll want to keep it as clean and attractive as possible to improve property value and attract tenants. Keeping trash off the ground and out of sight is a great way to help meet this goal.

Did you know that almost two thirds of USPS mail that customers receive is considered junk mail? These items often get thrown away, and some customers may drop or leave this junk mail at the mail station where it’s picked up. This can lead to litter if no trash can or slot is available, as many customers don’t want the inconvenience of these items.

Trash cans and recycling bins can be purchased to mount beside some types of centralized mailboxes—namely the wall-mounted variety. These units can be used for trash or recycling, if you would prefer to recycle that paper mail. These units also lock, protecting any sensitive mail that customers may throw away. Freestanding units are also available, as well as units with two slots for different types of waste.

Collection Mailboxes

Most likely, your customers or employees will want a way to easily send outgoing mail to the post office (or to a third party who will deliver the mail to the USPS) without actually having to visit the post office. In recent years, more and more people are finding alternatives to this additional errand, which often involves standing in line.

You can help both the USPS and your customers by providing a collection mailbox on your property, if you do not have or use outgoing mail slots.

Collection mailboxes are a great way for customers to deposit outgoing mail and small packages, so long as they’re stamped and addressed properly. Two main types exist: those for USPS and private use. When shopping for a collection mailbox, know which type you need.

If you need to have the USPS pick up directly from the mailbox, look for a USPS-approved model. These collection mailboxes are typically those that go with existing 4C centralized mailboxes and can mount beside mailboxes of the same mounting type (wall-mounted, recessed, or freestanding models.) USPS-approved collection mailboxes have higher security and sturdier construction than those for private delivery.

If you simply need a place to collect mail within your organization (such as a college campus) and the USPS won’t be servicing your collection box, you can opt for a mailbox approved for private delivery. Outdoor collection mailboxes that stand on legs are available and will work well near mail rooms and centers. They can also be used if an employee of your property takes bulk mail to the post office daily.

Mail Sorters

An excellent choice for mailrooms or offices, mail sorters do just that: they allow an employee to sort mail before being picked up by other employees. Mail sorters, however, are not secure mail distribution options for communities such as apartment complexes, and they are only for private use. The USPS will not deliver directly to mail sorters.

Different colors and makes are available. Some mail sorters are large enough to serve bigger businesses or schools and are best used mounted on walls or placed on counters and desks

Mail Hampers, Bins, and Locker Collection Mailboxes

These accessories are great for larger businesses and complexes who handle a lot of outgoing mail. Mail hampers are rolling bins designed to collect mail of all types and are staples in some mail rooms. Plastic bins can be picked up and returned directly by the USPS and can be kept secure inside of letter locker collection mailboxes until pickup.

By keeping all mail together, a business can help prevent lost packages and misplaced mail. These items will also cut down on or eliminate trips to the post office.

Key Control Cabinets

For large properties, whether they be residential or commercial, a property manager will need a way to keep track of various mailbox keys, especially in cases of higher tenant turnover.

Key control cabinets offer a secure way to store mailbox keys for each unit on a property. They are also good for storing keys that are loaned for a short time (such as at a gym.) Tags allow property managers to keep track of how long keys are used and when, and the locking cabinet keeps the keys safe while the unit is not in use.

Mailbox Directories

In large commercial complexes or communities, employees and the USPS will need to know where to deliver mail. A mailbox directory will help guide everyone to the right place and has the capacity to list several dozen names and mailbox numbers. An aluminum finish and plastic cover will protect the directory and help it match its corresponding mail center.

Which Accessories Are Right for You?

If you are unsure which accessories are right for you, or which ones will fit your mail station, be sure to contact us today at National Mailboxes. We’re here to help you build the best possible centralized mail station or mail room for your community or commercial property.