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Legendary Locker Design: Choosing the Right Lockers for Your Business

Young attractive woman smiling and opening metal locker door[/caption]Function? Decoration? The best lockers have a little of both.

Inelegant storage solutions can end up only adding to the sense of clutter and claustrophobia experienced on your premises. Business clutter can even pose a danger. To keep the place looking tidy, you need storage solutions to suit your needs.

Below, we’re looking at how locker design can solve your storage woes and lift your office decor.

Open Lockers

If you’re looking for a place where your staff can store and retrieve goods readily, then open lockers could be perfect for you.

Unlike typical school-style lockers, open lockers have no front face. This allows users to retrieve items with ease. That’s fantastic for any business where staff might expect to retrieve and store items many times in a day — or where they need them at speed.

While open lockers offer less security, their open-face design also makes them easier on the eye. As security is less of a concern, these lockers are more often available in wood designs that will blend with your decor.

Vented Lockers

Vented lockers offer security comparable to closed lockers, but with greater visibility and airflow.

Vented lockers are also perfect for damp environments. Unlike closed lockers, they allow airflow, which can prevent the buildup of mold. Increased airflow will also allow smells to dissipate, preventing a nasty surprise the next time someone opens the locker!

Box Lockers

Looking to make the most efficient use of space? Box lockers could be your solution.

Box lockers allow dozens of staff to store items in a small space. They don’t offer quite as much storage as other styles of lockers, but they’re perfect for small items. That makes them a popular choice for storing mail or smaller personal effects.

You can combine box lockers with vented designs to increase their ease of use or keep them as secure personal spaces for use by your staff.

Storage Lockers

Sometimes, your business won’t need private lockers.

Storage lockers are an excellent choice for a business that needs a storage solution for electrical goods, archived paperwork, and similar business clutter.

A storage locker is larger than a standard locker and constructed primarily of wire. That makes them strong yet accessible, allowing for a logical storage structure for industrial goods.

Wire storage lockers also don’t dominate a space, thanks to their airy design.

Designer Lockers

Dispensing with the humdrum? It might be time to look at some designer lockers.

Designer lockers come in a variety of functions locker designs, but they have one thing in common: they make a statement.

You might want a little extra style in a customer-facing area of your business. Or perhaps you’re a trendy brand with a strong sense of self. Either way, designer lockers can lift the humble locker to a piece of stylish decor.

Legendary Locker Design and You

A good locker design can change the way a business inhabits its space. With these locker ideas as starting points, you can find the perfect storage solution for your business and cut down on the clutter.

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