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Improve Employee Satisfaction With Workplace Lockers

Employee turnover is a real phenomenon that the owner or manager of any business can face. Turnover varies from company to company, and it’s costly: you may find yourself paying almost a third of an employee’s annual salary to bring in a new hire.

While reasons for turnover vary, it’s almost always tied to employee dissatisfaction at work, and the lack of investment in your employees. No one wants to feel unappreciated by their company, and no one wants to work for a company that doesn’t accommodate their needs.

In the age of the smart phone and the tablet, the need for secure storage is greater than ever. This includes storage for said devices, purses, lunches, clothes, and more. Many types of lockers are available for a variety of work environments, and by providing them to your employees, you will improve satisfaction and take a step towards reducing employee turnover.

Lockers Aren’t Only For Gyms

Whether your company uses regular office space or regularly visits construction sites, lockers can help your employees feel secure throughout the work day. Workplace lockers can be purchased for office break rooms, construction sites, changing rooms, and more.

In an office setting, employees can rest easy knowing they are able to store cell phones and other valuable items inside small lockers designed to hold smaller items. They’re also good for securing company-issued cell phones, tablets, and laptops. Since most of the cost of stolen electronics is due to lost data, investing in lockers will save you money, help prevent financial disasters, and save your employees from devastating layoffs. This is especially true in health care settings, where patient information must be highly secure at all times. Employees can rest easy placing work-related laptops, phones, and tablets in lockers overnight or while on break, and the risk of a data breach will be cut.

Employees will also appreciate the convenience of secure storage for personal items, and when cell phones are stored in lockers, productivity will increase.

Full-size lockers are useful in dressing rooms in places such as hospitals. If healthcare workers are able to change into their work clothing onsite, it will help them follow sanitation guidelines in place. These lockers will also offer secure storage for their belongings. Construction workers will also appreciate having a place to put their helmets and other gear while not on shift, cutting the need to carry equipment back and forth. For these sites, inexpensive lockers can be purchased and assembled on-site. And better yet, these lockers can be reused.

Different Types Are Available

Every business and workplace is different, and different locker types are available to meet your needs. Lockers also come in a variety of sizes, with some types being small enough to store items such as purses, cell phones, and tablets. Other lockers are full-sized and can hold clothing such as winter boots, coats, and other items employees will need to shed once they reach their place of employment.

For upscale offices and corporate settings, wooden lockers are attractive, secure, and easy to keep clean. Your employees will appreciate the pleasing atmosphere these attractive lockers can bring.

Plastic lockers are also available and come in a variety of colors, and are useful in workplace environments where humidity can be an issue, such as in some health care facilities. Employees in these settings will need a secure, dry place to safely store their belongings. Other lockers are vented to avoid the buildup of odors, say from clothing or food.

For industrial settings, the durability of metal lockers is a must. These lockers are typically made of steel, often vented, and designed to withstand harsh working conditions and outdoor conditions as well.

Cell phone lockers are great for offices, government facilities, and some gyms. Employees can store their smaller valuables in box-style lockers large enough for any cell phone. These lockers can be freestanding or mounted against a wall, making them easy to install. They’re also made of heavy-duty aluminum, making them secure and durable.

Lockers of all types are appreciated in break rooms, though larger-sized lockers of all types may be the best. Having an organized break room goes a long way towards employee satisfaction, relaxation, and productivity. Lockers will help employees to keep a break room organized and working as it should. For break rooms, your choices are endless: wooden lockers, cell phone lockers, and colorful plastic lockers can be used to suit your color scheme and style.

As for security, locks range from standard key locks to full-service electronic locks. Others will require the use of padlocks, provided by employees themselves.

Lockers Are Easy To Assemble and Vary In Price

It’s important to know your employees’ needs before purchasing the right lockers for your business.

Some types of lockers will arrive already assembled, and will only need to be secured to a wall or bolted to a floor if freestanding. These types of lockers work well in indoor settings, and for permanent lockers, many wall-mounted, recessed, and freestanding types are available.

More economical solutions are available, too. If you’re purchasing temporary lockers for a construction site, a cheaper solution could be to purchase them unassembled, so they can be constructed and deconstructed onsite. For changing rooms, metal lockers will work as well and are inexpensive, especially if the area is not also a break room.

How To Get Started Finding The Right Lockers For Your Employees

When it comes to lockers as a way to improve employee satisfaction and productivity at your company, the choices may seem endless. But lockers are an overlooked way to cut down on employee turnover, and are a good investment to make when it comes to the security of your business.

If you’re still exploring which type of locker will work the best for your employees, contact us today to get started. We’re here to help!