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How to Prevent Mail Theft Using a Mailbox Camera

Every year, the U.S. Postal Service delivers billions of packages and letters to residential and commercial mailboxes nationwide. Most of that mail gets delivered safely and securely — but of course, mail theft is still a prevalent issue.

The repercussions of this crime are not always enough to deter criminals. About 2,500 people got arrested in 2018 for theft of mail and packages. And that’s not even including those who didn’t get caught.

We should all care about this problem, especially when considering the amount of vulnerable information that mail carries.

One great solution? Installing a mailbox camera.

Cameras work wonders when it comes to dissuading criminals. No one wants to steal from a home or office that’s guarded by cameras recording their every move. And if they do decide to follow through, there’s photographic evidence that can help the authorities catch the perpetrator.

Here’s how — and why — your business or household should consider this technology today.

According to Evidence, Cameras Are a Viable Solution

Did you know that security cameras are actually the most effective burglar deterrent?

In a 2012 study, 60% of burglars said that a camera would convince them to target a different building. And if they didn’t know ahead of time that a camera was there, but discovered it mid-burglary, 50% would abort.

Check Your Local U.S.P.S. Rules

Many places don’t permit audio recording without express permission, as people deserve, and expect, a reasonable amount of privacy.

But audio isn’t necessary for catching a mail theft criminal, anyway. Visual recording is enough to get you what you need — security.

Still, some cameras may breach U.S.P.S. rules — such as if that mailbox is owned by the Postal Service. Also, it depends on the location. Bedrooms, bathrooms, and any other areas with that expectation of privacy are off-limits.

Beyond that, the odds are in your favor that recording in public spaces is not only legal but also encouraged.

How to Install a Mailbox Camera

Place the camera in a spot that concentrates on your mailbox and the surrounding, nearby area. Having an aerial view allows you to see someone approaching and leaving. Place it in a spot that is covert but still visible — where its mere presence would scare a thief.

Choose a camera with high resolution — and bonus points if it’s also got night vision or is weather-proof. 

Once you’ve installed the mailbox camera, test it to be sure it records what you need it to.

Have a trusted person go to your mailbox and ensure you can see them well. The distance needs to be short in length and clear of trees, power lines, or anything else that ruins visibility.

Smile — You’re on Camera!

Installing a mailbox camera is a simple, effective, and practical way to discourage criminals from targeting your mailbox.

They’re easy to install and not easy to dismantle. This keeps you (or your family, or employees’) vulnerable information protected — as it should be.

If you still need convincing, we’ve got more valuable information where this came from. Check out this article on who exactly can benefit from a theft-proof mailbox.