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How to Pick the Best Apartment Mailboxes for Your Building

You want to protect your tenants and in order to do that, you have to protect your mail. Here’s how to pick the best apartment mailboxes for your building.

Apartment mailboxes are probably the last thing on your mind when it comes to building or contracting for apartments. But they are an essential thing to add on if you want your complex up to code or even attractive to renters or buyers.

But where do you begin? It’s not like this is picking a tux for a wedding. There are things you probably haven’t even thought about when it comes to apartment mailboxes.

This is where National Mailboxes comes to the rescue. Not only do we sell mailboxes, but we are the experts on what you should consider when it comes to picking the right ones for your units.

1. Are The Apartment Mailboxes Secure?

This is where the most money should be spent. You wouldn’t want someone stealing your mail and you certainly don’t want your neighbor digging through your dirt. Well, neither will the tenants in your apartment. And it’s so much easier to rifle through someone’s mail if your mailbox is right next to theirs.

You also want to feel safe when retrieving your mail. So, finding mailboxes that can be arranged in such away so to be able to see in all directions when retrieving your mail would be ideal.

The US Postal Service also has some security standards. When it comes to packages, the mailboxes must have a parcel locker for every ten tenants.

2. Outtie or Inny

We’re not actually talking about belly buttons, we’re talking about apartment mailboxes. And one of the things you need to consider is whether the mailboxes are outside or inside the building.

If you are placing them outside, you have to consider security even further.  You’re probably going to want a cluster box unit or several. And if you need more than one, consider putting them in a “U” shape. This way, no matter where your mailbox is, you can see all around.

If you’re going for the indoor mailbox, ask yourself what kind of space do you have? A tight, narrow hallway will need a recessed mailbox. Remember that you want to make your tenant feel safe. If you can put it close to a corner you’re doing well. And a wider hallway could accommodate either a wall mounted mailbox or a free-standing mailbox unit.

And, although this has nothing to do with the mailbox itself, you may want to consider installing cameras around the mailboxes. Even if they aren’t functional, your tenants will feel much safer if they think someone is watching their mailbox and their commute to and from.

3. Size Matters

For certain other things, size may not matter. But when it comes to apartment mailboxes, size does matter.

First, consider the location of the box. As we pointed out earlier, an inside mailbox size might be constrained by space. But an outdoor one may not.

In today’s world, people are having more and more things delivered to them through the mail. Fortunately, people don’t really ship themselves very often. So, you don’t have to worry about providing human sized mailboxes. But people are shipping other things. Including, but not limited to, baby alligators.

So, your tenants will really appreciate it if you provide large mailboxes, rather than just letter sized.

The minimum size you can legally get away with is 12 inches wide by 3 inches high by 15 inches deep. Just enough to put a few manilla envelopes in. While it might save you some money. Going for the smallest possible size will probably be detrimental in attracting people into your apartment building.

4. Take Shelter

Another thing to consider when placing mailboxes outside is shelter from the elements. It’s not a fun thing to feel like you’re going to be blown away by that rain storm when you’re simply trying to get your weekly copy of Vogue.  Neither will your tenants.

You should consider either buying a shelter or constructing a recessed area in the building wall for your apartment mailboxes.

And, consider this, a mailbox shelter might even add some needed property value to your apartment complex. You really can have a stylish mailbox shelter if you want. The shelter comes in various colors to match whatever style.

5. Location Location Location

Accessibility is a big thing. And of course, you have to follow certain codes to make your apartment accessible for all. But one thing you may not have considered, especially if you have a particularly large complex, is whether you are going to centralize your apartment mailboxes or not.

If you are going to centralize, then a standard horizontal wall mount might be all you need.

But if you aren’t going to centralize, you might need to install some free standing mailboxes in various locations or smaller wall mounts.

6. In Vogue

This is probably the least important factor to consider. But we’re going to include it anyway. You have probably spend a decent amount of money on an architect. Why would you do that? Well, you want your apartments to be attractive to tenants.

But, no matter how beautiful your apartment complex is, a giant metal stain on its surface is still the last thing you want.

The style of the mailbox is either going to enhance the look of your apartment complex or detract from it.

Don’t detract from it. Choose something in a style and a color that matches. Many companies will offer mailboxes in various colors.

And if you are buying a mailbox shelter, you have even more choices for style and color.

Some cluster box units come in various decorative styles. You can find some in the traditional, columnar style. Others in a more contemporary style. Some are just utilitarian and modern. If you’re in the Southwest, you may desire a stucco styled CBU.

It really depends on what style fits your building’s aesthetic.

Conclusion: Now You Know

Now that you have some things to consider, you’re well equipped to make an informed decision.

What are your experiences in choosing apartment mailboxes? We would love to hear your stories. Drop us a line in the comments below. And don’t forget, make your choice count!

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