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How the Right Mailboxes Can Increase Your Property’s Value

If you own or manage a property, whether it be a single home or an entire community, you probably want to find ways to increase your property’s value. This can be true whether you’re looking to rent out your property or sell it. It’s also true that everyone wants to get the most value for their money.

Curb appeal is one way to increase a property’s value. It’s basically how a property looks when a prospective buyer or renter is looking at it for the first time, and can determine whether a renter or buyer goes ahead with a deal or declines. First impressions matter.

There are many ways to improve a property’s curb appeal, whether it be through new paint, good landscaping, or

Mailboxes And Curb Appeal

Mailboxes are, quite literally, often at the curb of a property, especially if they are residential mailboxes. Mailboxes are an important part of a first impression when showing a property to prospective renters or buyers. Often, these are multi-family,  curbside residential mailboxes, and these types have the most potential to be customized.

If you’re managing a multi-family property such as a condominium community, apartment complex, or manufactured home community, having an attractive, centralized mail delivery system can also add to the curb appeal of the community. Centralized systems can be customized with resident safety, convenience, and attractiveness in mind.

The Power of Curbside Mailboxes

Having attractive curbside mailboxes for single and multi-family properties is a must for curb appeal, and it doesn’t require costs out of your budget if you’re looking to give your community or property a makeover. These mailboxes have the most potential to be customized out of all mailbox types, and can therefore be customized to fit the palette of a community as well as the style. These customizations can range from the posts that the mailboxes sit on to ornaments that can fit the theme of your community.

These curbside mailboxes can come as single units, and if you’re looking to save money, multi-family units with as many as eight customer compartments each can be purchased in a variety of colors, styles, and finishes. With both single and multi-family mailboxes, be sure to follow USPS requirements when you install to ensure delivery.

With curbside mailboxes, a variety of colors and finishes are available. Colors range from gray, black, white, green, copper, and more. Customer compartments can also be ordered in a variety of styles, and Victorian styles are even available for an elegant look.

Posts can also go a long way towards improving your property’s curb appeal. For single unit mailboxes, Victorian style posts can be ordered. Stone posts can go a long way towards turning a simple mailbox into an elegant part of a property’s curb appeal, and some stone posts can have mailboxes recessed into them. Even multi-family curbside boxes can be ordered with attractive posts.

Address plaques are another good way to enhance a mailbox’s look and add to curb appeal (and therefore property value.) These plaques also come in a variety of colors designed to match the palette of a community or single property.

Accessories can range from newspaper holders to mailbox toppers. Newspaper holders will reduce the number of newspapers sitting on the ground in a community, keeping it neat, while mailbox toppers will add extra charm.

Attractive Centralized Delivery

Even if you manage an apartment complex or similar community, having attractive centralized mail delivery is a must. When prospective residents are looking at your community, your mail delivery system needs to communicate that mail and package delivery is secure, and it helps when that system is attractive, too, especially when outdoors.

Pedestal mailboxes carry several customer compartments each, and at least one parcel locker for packages for every ten regular compartments. These mailboxes can be ordered in a few different styles and colors. These mailboxes usually sit outside in a central location, and placing them under an overhang or other shelter will add to your property’s first impression and value. Lighting for such mailboxes can also be ordered for attractiveness and resident safety.

4C horizontal mailboxes are common. They consist of many customer compartments side by side and usually also have parcel lockers. Many are placed in indoor clubhouses, but outdoor kiosks can go a long way towards community attractiveness. With kiosks, 4C mailboxes are typically recessed into a surface, which can of course be painted or made from a variety of materials to match a community’s theme. So long as your 4C mailboxes are installed properly, the mail kiosk that contains it can be designed in a myriad of ways.

Cost Savings

When switching to a centralized mail system or upgrading curbside mailboxes in your community, it may seem expensive, but making the switch to a more attractive and secure mail system will save you money in the long run, especially if you’re making the switch from many single curbside boxes to several multi-family ones, or from several wall mounted mailboxes to one centralized delivery system.

When you have fewer mailboxes to maintain and repair, you’ll find yourself spending less time and money down the road. You’ll also have raised your property’s value, so new, attractive mailboxes can be seen as an investment.

Start Enhancing Your Curbside Appeal Today

Mailboxes are often overlooked when it comes to enhancing the value of a single property or a whole community. But a first impression can make or break a new resident or an entire sale.

We are here to help you decide which types of mailboxes can best improve your property’s value. Contact us today to get started.