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How New Mailboxes Can Help you Retain Commercial Tenants

Owning and operating a commercial property can be a lot of work. Retaining your tenants can mean the difference between turning a profit and suffering from losses. All businesses and offices must manage their own costs and turn a profit, and one of those costs will be the space they rent.

Cost isn’t the only factor. Tenants will take convenience and ease of operating their businesses into account when deciding whether to renew their lease. Businesses and offices rely heavily on convenient, secure mail delivery.

Centralized mail delivery is an excellent solution to the woes of missing packages, mail distribution, and receiving mail on time in the first place. The best solutions for centralized mail delivery that are also secure are horizontal 4C mailboxes, freestanding 4C mailboxes, and parcel lockers. Providing the right type of mail delivery can help ensure that you retain your tenants for many years to come.

The Right Mailboxes Guarantee Quick USPS Delivery and Eliminate Confusion

Investing in centralized mailboxes that are USPS approved and installed correctly means that a USPS employee will be able to quickly and easily deliver mail to each customer on your commercial property. Gone will be the days of hauling packages up flights of stairs or visiting each business in a strip mall to deliver mail.

Having convenient delivery will make your commercial tenants happy, and will reduce the chance for packages or other important mail going to the wrong businesses. 4C horizontal and freestanding mailboxes will also allow the USPS employee to deliver mail quickly to tenants who need it.

For packages, having parcel lockers beside your centralized mailbox setup will eliminate the need for packages to sit in a building lobby or other location for a period of time, waiting for pickup and taking up space. Mail can get lost in this way, and adding another person to the chain of delivery, such as a property employee, increases the chance of confusion and mail theft.

Centralized Delivery Can Eliminate Mail Theft

Nobody likes to have their mail stolen, and though it’s tempting to prank package thieves, this isn’t practical or professional for businesses.

Switching from having a curbside mailbox for each business or from having packages left in front of business doors to a centralized 4C system with parcel lockers is very secure, thanks to the new USPS regulations regarding centralized mail delivery. Because of this, 4C mailboxes are very durable and secure,  preventing mail theft.

Commercial Tenants Will Appreciate the Convenience

Not every office or business renting a space at your property will be open during all normal business hours when USPS mail delivery occurs. Some businesses may only be open for a few hours per day. In office buildings, employees will of course go to meetings, go to lunch, and go on company events, so not everyone will be able to collect mail as soon as it’s delivered.

Centralized mail delivery will eliminate the need for businesses and employees to be present in order to have packages and other important mail delivered safely and securely. Adding USPS-approved 4C horizontal mailboxes in a central location will make

Customer compartments can be accessed 24/7 and parcel lockers can receive office supplies and other packages, holding them until they’re opened by the customer.

Businesses and Offices Will Benefit From Easy Package Delivery

There’s no question that most businesses need to receive office supplies such as paper, toner, promotional materials, and more,

Horizontal 4C mailboxes often come with parcel lockers. In fact, the USPS requires at least one parcel locker per every ten customer units. For businesses and offices that receive a lot of packages, additional parcel lockers in varying sizes can be ordered to meet this need. Sizes vary, and there is no upper limit on how many parcel lockers can be added to your centralized mail setup. Parcel lockers are available as freestanding and horizontal models which can be mounted or recessed beside existing customer compartments.

Business tenants will appreciate the ease of package delivery and the space saved, and will be more likely to continue to rent space on your commercial property.

Businesses Can Lower Operating Expenses and Better Afford Rent

All businesses have to deal with operating expenses, including postage and other delivery costs. When there is no centralized mail delivery available, or no USPS delivery to each business or office in your complex, an employee who works in the building or strip mall is often required to distribute mail to each office or business. This means that someone needs to be paid to distribute mail to each tenant every day, and this means more operating expenses for your tenants.

Installing a centralized mail system such as horizontal 4C mailboxes or freestanding 4C mailboxes will eliminate this need for each office or business in your building or property, helping your tenants to save money. This means they will be better able to afford rent, and more likely to sign another lease term.

Many horizontal 4C and freestanding mailbox models also have outgoing mail slots that business tenants can use for outgoing mail. This will eliminate trips to the post office in many cases and reduce fuel use, and thus costs, for businesses.

Where To Begin?

When you’re ready to install a new, centralized mail system for your commercial property, you’ll need to determine which type you’ll need. Recessed, horizontal 4C mailboxes are excellent for settings such as lobbies and large hallways while freestanding models can be mounted outdoors in a central location. Both types can come with parcel lockers and parcel lockers can also be purchased separately to meet extra package needs. You’ll also need to know how many tenants you expect before you order.

We can help you determine which mailbox type would work best for your office building or other commercial property. Give us a call today to get started.