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Guide: 6 Different Types of Mailboxes

You get so used to seeing one particular type of mailbox that you start to believe that all mailboxes look and operate in the same way. However, the truth of the matter is that there is a huge variety of postage boxes on the market, all of which operate just a little differently.

If you’re looking for a new mailbox for your home, apartment, or commercial property, you’re probably hoping to catch a glimpse of all that’s out there. In that case, you’re in the right place.

This guide will cover 6 different types of mailboxes and explain what each is good for.

1. Roadside

The first type of mailbox we’ll cover is the one that you’ve probably most commonly seen: the roadside mailbox.

These postage boxes are designed to be positioned away from your home or apartment, standing alongside the road and allowing postal workers to drop your mail off without having to leave their vehicles. To stand them up at the adequate height, they’re equipped with poles which can be cemented directly into the soil below.

Some roadside boxes are made with only one access door while others are made with access doors on both of their sides. Having two access doors allows you to retrieve your mail without being vulnerable to passing traffic.

In addition, you’ll find some roadside boxes which can be locked, and some which are perpetually open. If you’re worried about others stealing your mail, it might be wise to opt for a lockable version.

2. Apartment

Apartment boxes are, obviously, best suited for apartments. They work well with apartments because they are mounted directly to walls, preserving as much space as possible.

Almost any apartment mailbox you come across will be equipped with a lock. The reason for this is the fact that apartments are notorious for stolen mail. Having a lock in place ensures that only the renter and the postal worker have access to the mail.

These types of boxes often come grouped in one large box. While there’s one large metal frame, there are several doors contained within the metal frame. Each and every door belongs to a different renter; again, this is to preserve as much space as possible.

There are, however, apartment boxes which come with only done door. These would be most appropriate for complexes in which there are no common areas. Renters can simply walk up to their doors, grab their mail, and go inside.

3. Collection Box

Next, we’ll discuss collection boxes. These boxes are equipped with a small slot so that the mailer can put his or her mail in without being able to reach in and take other mail.

The person receiving the mail accesses the mail through a door on its opposite side. This door is secured with a lock and key, and can be accessed only by those who are designated to access it.

Most often, these types of postage boxes are used by companies that want their customers and clients to be able to easily send mail to them. Because they’re only locked on one side, anyone can drop a small envelope into them. This differs from many lock-and-key, apartment-style boxes which can only be accessed by the postman and the receiver of the mail.

4. Pedestal Mounted

Pedestal mounted boxes are a subset of apartment boxes. They behave in the same general way that wall-mounted apartment boxes do, but differ in the fact that they’re mounted up on a bar which sticks directly into the ground.

Because these boxes are mounted directly into the ground, they can be put just about anywhere. You don’t need a wall to equip them to.

These types of boxes are often best for very large living communities in which there is a high-traffic common area. For instance, if an apartment has a clubhouse or something else of the sort, a pedestal mounted mailbox may be placed directly outside of it.

Coming in all different sizes and with various different amounts of doors, they can be used by groups of all sizes.

There are pedestal mounted collection boxes, personal boxes, and even trash can boxes. If it’s the type of box you seek, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the exact type you’re looking for.

5. Cluster Box

Cluster boxes are essentially any type of boxes with several doors situated within one frame. These types of boxes are used in apartment complexes, at post offices, in living communities, and anywhere else where many people live or congregate.

Some neighborhoods are actually forcing them upon their residents in order to make the delivery process easier for the postal worker.

These boxes can be installed on either a pedestal or within a wall, but are most typically seen on pedestals. The pedestal ensures that they can be placed anywhere that there is solid ground.

Secured with lock and key, they are made to be accessed by only the mail recipient on the mail deliverer.

6. Parcel Locker

The last type of box we’ll discuss is the parcel locker. These are like typical lock-and-key mailboxes, only wider and longer so that they can hold big, bulky packages.

They can come as separate entities or clustered in a frame, allowing them to accommodate as many different people as needed.

Again, these are often used within living communities where you want certain people to be able to access packages, but where you don’t want others to be able to. They essentially prevent package theft from occurring.

Coming in both pedestal and wall-mounted formats, they can be set up and installed essentially anywhere.

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