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Freestanding Mailboxes And How They Work

Mailboxes standing outside of apartment complexes and on business properties tend to be a sight that most overlook until it’s time to find a solution for mail and package needs. However, they’re vital to the safety and security of mail and package delivery. Many different types exist, and having the right type of mailbox can mean the difference between retaining your best tenants and losing them. Since it’s costly to find new tenants, retaining your current ones is always a plus.

Tenants state that secure mail delivery and protection from package theft is a reason they choose to rent at a property in the first place. Safety and upgrades are two things that both residential and commercial tenants look for, and this includes mailboxes.

In some neighborhoods and commercial buildings, many tenants are served. In this case, horizontal mailboxes mounted against or recessed into a wall are common, but often there is not enough space to install such a centralized mail system. Often, the only available location is outdoors.

Freestanding mailboxes are an attractive and newer solution for commercial and some residential properties.

What Are Freestanding Mailboxes?

Freestanding mailboxes are very similar to pedestal mailboxes, which consist of several customer cabinets and/or parcel lockers mounted on a pedestal. Like this type of mailbox, they can be mounted indoors or outdoors. They are also considered to be 4C mailboxes, which means that they meet the requirements of USPS 4C-STD and are pre-approved for USPS delivery, provided they are installed correctly and easily accessible by a postal employee.

Freestanding mailboxes are stand-alone units, like pedestal mailboxes. However, the mailboxes are mounted together inside of one sturdy cabinet instead of on a pedestal.

Several customer units for regular mail, such as letters and magazines, can be included along with one or more parcel lockers. Customer units can come as oversized as well to accommodate larger volumes of paper mail that a business may receive. Some freestanding mailboxes also come with outgoing mail slots that only a USPS employee can access, making them ideal for outgoing commercial mail.

Freestanding mailboxes are front-loading, meaning that all customers can access their mail from the front of the unit. A postal employee can access all compartments and parcel lockers at once using a master lock and key, allowing for easy mail delivery. Mailboxes are available with one or two columns of customer units and parcel lockers.

Freestanding cabinets that hold only parcel lockers can be purchased as well, to meet the increasing need for safe package delivery and to meet USPS regulations. These extra lockers can be installed beside other freestanding units, allowing for the customization of a centralized mail system.

This type of mailbox can be used for private delivery or for USPS delivery, depending on the situation.

The Benefits Of Freestanding Mailboxes

Freestanding mailboxes have a greater ease of installation than pedestal mailboxes, which must be mounted pedestal-first and then followed by the cabinet itself. With freestanding mailboxes, the entire unit can be installed at once, regardless of whether it is being installed indoors or outdoors.

Freestanding mailboxes also have a sleek and modern appearance. They can be customized to fit the palette of any residential or commercial property. They also have the option to have numbers included on doors for each tenant.

The parcel lockers included with freestanding mailboxes allow customers to retrieve packages at their convenience without worrying about package theft. A key is left in the customer’s mailbox to access a parcel locker when a package is delivered. Outgoing mail slots contain anti-fish combs to protect sensitive, outgoing mail. Tenants are protected by cam locks that are also very resistant to tampering, leaving their mail secure.

Freestanding mailboxes are also highly durable and resistant to tampering, weather, and other damage. A powder coat finish keeps the unit looking attractive for many years.

It’s also possible to install multiple freestanding mailboxes side by side, to meet your tenants’ needs without too much renovation and effort. Parcel lockers can also be included to meet USPS requirements.

How Are They Installed?

Freestanding mailboxes can be installed either indoors or outdoors, making it a versatile choice for a stand-alone installation.

If indoors, installation is simple. The freestanding unit is placed in the desired location, and then the bottom panel is removed. Leveling bolts are then adjusted to keep the cabinet level, and then mounting brackets and skirt plates are installed. Finally, the bottom panel is replaced, and the mailbox should work properly.

If outdoors, a slab of concrete will be needed for installation. This can be an existing slab or one that is freshly poured. Otherwise, the mailbox may not be level and may not work properly.

Holes are drilled into the concrete to the correct depth, and the cabinet is moved over the holes to ensure they were drilled correctly. An anchor bolt is then installed through one hole, and then the entire cabinet can be aligned with the other three holes. The rest of the bolts are then installed, and then the bottom panel is added to the cabinet to complete the installation.

Freestanding mailboxes should be installed in a location easy for customers and the USPS to access, and this area is best located in a central location that is well-lit and free of obstructions such as vehicles, boxes, and snow. It will be the owner’s responsibility to keep the area around freestanding mailboxes clear.

It is also required to have at least one parcel locker for every ten customer units to receive USPS delivery. There is no requirement for private delivery.

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