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Five Tips for Beautifying Your Centralized Mailboxes

If you’re a property owner who is afraid to invest in centralized mailboxes, you’re not alone. Many worry that the appearance of these mailboxes could drop property value or send a negative impression to new tenants or prospective customers who are visiting a commercial property.

The good news is that modern, centralized mailboxes are more attractive and durable than mailboxes of the past, which tended to appear metallic and industrial. The good news is that these newer models are more easily beautified due to their versatility and durability, and their potential to be installed in a variety of locations. Here are some tips for making your centralized mailboxes stand out in a good way and to improve the curb appeal of your property.

Tip #1: Choose the Right Color and Style.

Many centralized mailboxes have a more resistant finish than those of the past, designed to resist unattractive weathering. The newer line of 4C mailboxes come in earth-tone colors ranging from black, gray, sandstone, silver, and white, among others, allowing property owners to match the palette of a room or community.

Freestanding, or cluster mailboxes, can also come in a decorative style designed to look more upscale, and these mailboxes work best in an outdoor setting, particularly if they are going to stand alone.

Tip #2: Add Lighting

Lighting is good for safety and not simply looks. There are several ways to ensure your mailboxes are well-lit, especially if they’re outdoors. Lighting can make a community or commercial property appear more welcoming to customers or prospective tenants.

Lighting is a good way to reduce slip and fall injuries, as well as injuries sustained from tripping on any objects that may have been left in an area. It may also reduce the incidence of mailbox vandalism as well.

Adding lighting to your centralized mailboxes is simple. A nearby lamp or streetlight can provide the illumination needed, and some freestanding mailboxes can come with lighting included. If building a kiosk for outdoor mailboxes, lighting can be included as part of the building.

Indoors, lighting can be provided with ceiling lights, and these should be left on during all hours so that residents can safely access their mail.

Tip #3: Build a Kiosk.

An outdoor kiosk likely has the most creative freedom of any beautification method that can be used for centralized mailboxes.

Kiosks are used for outdoor mailboxes. All that is needed for such a setup is a roof of any style that covers the mailbox area, but an entire small building can be built to contain recessed mailboxes, if those are the type being used. Kiosks that consist of a roof only can cover freestanding mailboxes, which mount onto a slab of concrete.

Kiosks can be made from wood, stone, brick, or other sturdy materials, and signage on such kiosks can advertise a community or apartment complex. These areas can also serve as gathering places or stand near the center of a community, such as in a park area.

Mailboxes placed in kiosks are better protected from the elements than those simply left without a roof, and lighting can be installed into these structures for enhanced looks and safety. Ensure any railings allow three feet of space in front of each mailbox to comply with the ADA.

Tip #4: Incorporate Your Mailboxes into The Room.

This tip works well for indoor mailboxes that either mount to walls or recess into them. These 4C horizontal mailboxes are versatile, making them useful in any indoor area.

If your property will be making use of an indoor, centralized system, it can be made into part of a lobby or clubhouse with some creative planning, and without taking up too much space or creating an unsightly mail station.

Recessed 4C mailboxes and parcel lockers are popular for just this reason, as they recess into walls and save valuable space in these areas. They also work well in wide corridors and central hallways, in locations such as college campuses and military bases, but lobbies and clubhouses offer the most potential for attractiveness.

Once recessed into a wall, extra decorations such as wooden trim can be added to the area around mailboxes, and in some cases, cabinets with wooden finishes can be ordered to hold such mailboxes. Plants and other decorations can be placed around such mailboxes as well, so long as they do not impede access to the area and allow at least three feet of access in front of each mailbox. Art may also improve the look of such a space.

If the mailboxes will be for private use, such as in an office, rotary mailboxes are an excellent choice, as they fit into wooden cabinets that can easily add to the décor of any room.

Tip #5: Replace Old Mailboxes

Some older models of centralized mailboxes, such as the 4B horizontal and vertical mailboxes, are now showing their age in most cases. Perhaps paint has worn off, revealing bare metal, dents, and other damage such as graffiti. Such damage can lower property values and

4B mailboxes are currently phased out by the USPS, and they can no longer be purchased as a new installation for anything other than private delivery or to replace mailboxes of the exact same type. If seeking new mailboxes for USPS delivery, it is highly recommended to replace old 4B mailboxes with newer, 4C units. These mailboxes are more resistant to damage and weathering that can decrease property values.

Newer mailboxes also come with more options such as the lighting mentioned above, and in more attractive models and finishes.

Get the Right Look Today

It may take some time for you to find the right centralized mailbox system for your property, especially if you are enhancing the value and appearance of a community, but it is well worth it. Be sure to contact us with any questions you may have about which mailbox type is right for you.