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Finding the Right Palette for Your Community Mailboxes

Running a community is hard work, and one of the things on your mind is probably curb appeal. Whether you run an apartment complex, a senior community, or a condo community, you’ll want to welcome visitors and prospective renters with an attractive landscape.

One good way to do this is by using something you need anyway: community mailboxes.

Whether you choose curbside or centralized mailboxes, a color and model exist to fit the palette of your community. Did you also know that the right mailboxes can improve the value of your property as well?

Here’s a quick guide on the options available to you when you choose the right mailboxes for your community.

Choose the Right Color

You’ll have more color options with curbside mailboxes than with the centralized type. Centralized mailboxes do come in a few different colors, however, and work well when extra security is needed, there isn’t space for curbside mailboxes, and you need to use parcel lockers.

Generally, centralized mailboxes come in tan, black, gray, or white. These neutral colors can mesh well with almost any community palette. You can also customize these mailboxes with address stickers.

If you want to give centralized mailboxes more “pop,” then consider placing them in an outdoor kiosk. A kiosk will work well for recessed and freestanding models. You can customize the kiosk itself to match your community. Mini houses, pavilions, and faux sheds are all popular choices for kiosks.

Curbside mailboxes have the most potential for customizations. Many colors and finishes are available. Mailboxes can come in white, green, black, silver, copper, steel, and many other colors, depending on the model. Metallic finishes are also available, and these an provide a “rustic” look or “older” look.

Different colors apply to single unit curbside mailboxes as well as the multi-unit type, which have more than one compartment attached to one or two posts. You may have fewer color options with the multi-unit type, as all the compartments will need to be the same color. For this reason, they’ll work the best when an entire community shares the same palette.

Choose the Right Parts

One overlooked part of the mailbox palette is the model itself. This can also add to the color scheme of your mailbox.

So long as you follow USPS regulations, you can choose everything from the post to accessories, such as toppers. Posts can come in a variety of materials, which can contribute to overall look. Wooden posts, steel posts, and even stone is available, but which materials you can use may vary based on where you live. Check with the local authorities before installation.

Each part should complement the colors of your neighborhood or community. White and black are neutral, and wooden posts can add a more natural look. Toppers are usually black in color, making them an easy choice.

Other mailbox accessories include address numbers, sleeves with custom patterns, and newspaper receptacles.

Avoid mixing four or more different colors in a palette, if possible, as this is generally not pleasing to the eye. You’ll want to stick with one main color and pick up to two others to complement your palette. Keep this in mind when designing a kiosk for your centralized mailboxes, too. It’s okay if the mailbox flag is red, as small amounts of other colors won’t affect appearance too much.

Choosing the Right Model

Models for curbside mailboxes vary more widely than for centralized mailboxes. Make sure the model matches the feel of your community. Don’t opt for plain steel mailboxes in a condo community if the rest of the community has a classy look. Opt for models that look as if they belong.

Victorian and decorative brass style mailboxes look vintage and are excellent choices. You can also choose classic-style mailboxes with pedestals, and they usually come with a metal finish. The mailbox and doors are typically separate colors, which should help you choose the right combination.

Alternatively, you can choose wall-mounted mailboxes if they will work for your community, and these mailboxes mount near front doors. They also come in a variety of colors and models and would allow for each home or condo to have its own color.

Centralized mailboxes usually come in a few different models, but since these must meet strict USPS requirements for new installations, these are very limited. Some freestanding mailboxes come with attractive toppers which work well if these mailboxes stand alone. Separate lights can be ordered for these mailboxes to provide attractiveness and safety.

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