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Everything Your Mail Carrier Wants You To Know

Guess what? In 2017, the Postal Service processed and delivered 149.5 billion pieces of mail.

That’s a lot of mail delivered by a lot of mail carriers! But even though you see him or her often, there are a lot of things you probably don’t know about your mail carrier.

That’s why we’ve compiled everything your postal carrier wants you to know in this blog post.

Check it out!

Your Mail is Arranged in a Certain Way for a Reason

Have you ever noticed a pattern in the way your mail is arranged? There is no specific system that is universal, but many carriers have their own system.

One of the most common ones is this: Good news goes on top (like cards and personalized letters), underneath that is checks from Social Security or other sources.

Then it’s typically First Class pieces like bills or insurance correspondence. Last but not least is bulk mail, including magazines, coupons, and catalogs with the largest items on the bottom.

If you see this in your mailbox, it’s because your mail carrier has done it to help you have a better day. How nice to open your mailbox and see a personalized card before a utility bill!

Being a Mail Carrier Can Get You into Shape

It’s no surprise when you think about it. In fact, many carriers walk more than 10 miles every single day going from house to house.

This amount of cardio often leads to weight loss for many employees. But over time, this can also lead to strong muscle gain.

Getting into shape is just another reason being a mail carrier is a great career option.

Summers Can be Tough

Here’s something else you should know about your mailman: summers can be really hard.

The obvious reason for this is the weather. Hot days make long work days feel even longer. But, there are other reasons the summer can be tough.

Postal carriers get really used their routes. Often, they are so familiar with them that they can navigate their course while looking at the mail in their hands.

But during summer, this all changes. All sorts of obstacles pop up in their paths, including:

  • New gardens
  • Wind chimes
  • Hanging plants
  • Watering cans
  • And much more!

They Encounter Aggressive Dogs

As postal carriers go through their day, they often come in contact with dogs. Usually, these are harmless encounters, but sometimes aggressive dogs won’t leave them alone.

In these cases, their satchel has another purpose. They are not just for holding mail. During the orientation process, carriers learn that their bag is the first line of defense against intense dogs.

Other mail carriers bring pepper spray with them to fend off aggressive animals. The last thing they want is to have to go to the hospital with an injury from a dog bite.

Put Some Clothes on Please

For some reason, some homeowners don’t feel the need to put clothes on when answering the door. Avoid an awkward situation for you and your mail carrier by simply putting on something real fast.

Don’t answer the door in a towel or underwear. Instead, slip on some sweats real quick to make the situation better.

Mailboxes Can Be Dangerous

You’re probably thinking, “How in the world can a mailbox be dangerous?” Here’s how.

Wasps often can get into them. This might just be one wasp, but sometimes they build entire nests inside of mailboxes.

So as a postal worker is reaching into a mailbox, there’s a chance he or she could be stung by a wasp or bee. And if they are allergic, this could be really bad.

Their Days are Long and Start Early

Another thing to know about your postal carrier is that their days are long. It all depends on your route and location, but it’s common for shifts to last anywhere from 8 to 12 hours, including Saturdays.

So when you see them, be kind. Don’t be tough to deal with.

Also, keep in mind that their shifts can start as early at 6:30 am in order to get all the mail out that day.

Don’t Use Staples

While being a mail carrier isn’t necessarily the most dangerous job in the world, staples can pose a hazard.

When they reach into grab mail out of a mailbox or mail sack, staples can stab their fingers. So a safe rule of thumb is to avoid staples in your mail. Don’t use them to seal your envelopes or packaging.

Tape or glue is a much safer option.

Don’t Throw Trash in Mailboxes

Ever seen one of the big blue mail collection boxes? Please don’t throw your trash in there. Those are for mail only, not for garbage.

Another thing to keep in mind is to not store things in your mailbox at home. One thing to definitely avoid is keeping a house or car key inside of it.

This is an obvious place for burglars to check when looking for a way to break into your home. Plus, there is no security in your mailbox.

Don’t Try to Be Funny with the Mail Jokes

Postal carriers are doing their job up to 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. This means that if you have a mail-related joke or riddle, they’ve probably heard it before.

Spare the cliche jokes. One example of this is people saying, “You can go ahead and keep the bills. I don’t want those.”

You’re probably not the first person to say that joke to your postal carrier.

Most Postal Carriers Love Serving People

Last but not least, know that most mail carriers got into the business because they love to serve other people.

Postmen and women are often very friendly and easy to talk to, and this can brighten their long days. So don’t be afraid to spark a short conversation with them as they drop off your mail.

Final Thoughts

Well, there you go! There are some important things your mail carrier wants you to know.

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