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Everything You Need To Know About Ordering Commercial Mailboxes Online

Have you ever thought about how much of your business is centered around sending and receiving mail?

Mail is so important, in fact, you could think of it as the lifeblood of your organization. Take a moment before protesting:

  • It’s true that nobody will buy from a company that sells nothing, but a company selling the best product on Earth won’t make any money if they can’t receive important documents!
  • A housing complex is nothing without tenants, obviously, but who wants an address they can’t get mail at?

It’s time to put some more thought into ordering commercial mailboxes.

Mail may not be the primary focus of your business. In fact, it probably isn’t, and it doesn’t have to be! We’re here to help make your decision easy and informed so you can focus on what you do best.

You’re in the right place to get all the information you need—Here’s a selection of frequently asked questions you might have about ordering mailboxes online and their complete answers, conveniently listed by topic.

Common Questions

Businesses buying mailboxes are often sorted into two categories: commercial and residential. However, most frequently asked questions about ordering mailboxes online are asked by business owners and contractors in both fields.

I’m Looking For A Product—Where Is It?

If you can’t find a specific product by simply browsing your options, type the product name into our “Search products” tool, located on the far right side of our gray menu bar.

How Does Installation Work?

The installation of your mailboxes varies depending on what style of mailbox you purchase. Here’s what’s involved with some popular options:

  • Pedestal mounted mailboxes can be indoors or outdoors, securely attached to the ground.
  • Surface-mounted mailboxes are more often used indoors and attach to the wall.
  • Recessed mailboxes are generally used indoors, and are installed within, not on top of, the wall.

What Are My Shipping Options?

UPS and FedEx are the carriers that ship our products. We promise to offer you the lowest shipping price available, which will be transparently shown at check-out.

Occasionally we have low-cost or free shipping promotions, so keep your eye out for a great time to buy!

Is My Product Insured?

We do offer a five-year warranty on all our products, but you have to be involved! Make sure to check what you buy thoroughly, and notify us as quickly as you can if you notice any manufacturer defects.

If you believe that your mailboxes were damaged during shipping, please contact the carrier, not us—Other companies have their own policies, but that’s our procedure.

Ordering Commercial Mailboxes For Businesses

Whether you’re buying your first set of mailboxes or replacing something you had before, you need mailboxes to satisfy your business’s unique needs.

What Sort of Mailboxes Should I Purchase?

If you want packages delivered directly to your clients and/or associates, you want postal boxes, which can be accessed by mail carriers. In the United States, only USPS carriers are authorized to place mail in mailboxes.

Do you want your business to be responsible for what can be delivered and who it goes to? Consider having the mail delivered to your office and use a private mail system, such as a mail sorter.

Will They Work With My Mail Carrier?

A common assumption is that all mailboxes work with all carriers.

That’s just not true: Just like your choice may differ from the next business owner’s or contractor’s, different carriers have different requirements, too.

As a federal institution, it’s no surprise that USPS has specific regulations about what mailboxes they will deliver to. This is mostly due to security concerns—they are the ones most often held responsible for stolen mail.

It might be a little bit of a hassle, but these measures are actually great for your business or housing complex because the security measures make sure you won’t be, too.

Ordering Commercial Mailboxes For Tenants

The above steps for commercial business owners apply to housing professionals ordering mailboxes online as well. Here are the main differences.

How Do I Buy Secure Residential Mailboxes?

Unfortunately, stealing mail is all too common and can have serious consequences—even identity theft. The first and simplest step you can take to protect your residents is to buy secure mailboxes.

One way to avoid this problem is by simply using a private mail system in which tenants collect mail from your office. You will have more control over accepting delivery and distribution, and packages from private carriers won’t sit unattended at clients’ doorsteps.

If you’d rather not do that, though, many mailboxes used by commercial businesses are appropriate as well.

Are They Easy To Use?

A good mailbox system is going to be easy for your tenants to use: You don’t want to answer questions about how to get the mail all day!

Taking mail distribution into your own hands is a good way to solve this problem, too, although it limits the hours your tenants can access their mail, and that can be frustrating.

USPS-approved mailboxes lock securely and are ADA-compliant as well, making them easy to access as long as your tenants remember their keys.

How Do I Place an Order?

Now that all of your burning questions about ordering commercial mailboxes are answered, are you ready to place an order?

We’ve made this process as easy as possible by offering an array of ordering options: You can start with a free quote here, or order online, by phone, or using this mail-in form.

You’ll be happy to find that our commercial mailbox pricing is quite reasonable for the superior products we offer: That’s why so many businesses choose National Mailboxes.

Get started today and you’ll be reaping the benefits of a high-quality mail system in no time at all!