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Economy Series Horizontal Mailboxes for Your Business

Even in the computer age where many documents are in digital form, you likely use some amount of paper in your business or organization. Some businesses require the use of paper documents, and some customers will want to fill out a paper form or send correspondence the old-fashioned way. Or perhaps you run a college campus or other establishment that handles a lot of internal mail.

For many businesses and commercial complexes, a lot of paperwork may need to get passed around, and you’ll need a means to deal with it and keep everything organized. The types of businesses that use the most paper is healthcare, educational, legal, and financial establishments.

Mail can come from outside of the business and within an organization. But every business owner knows that the key to running a successful business is to keep costs down. If you’re looking for a way to manage your mail within your organization at a more affordable price, economy series horizontal mailboxes may be the solution for you.

What Are Economy Series Horizontal Mailboxes? You may have heard of centralized mailboxes before, where multiple customer compartments are inside a single cabinet. In fact, you’ve likely seen such mailboxes in front of other commercial complexes and other properties.

Many of these mailboxes receive delivery directly from the USPS and tend to be more expensive than other types due to their rigorous construction requirements. However, more budget-friendly alternatives are available that serve the same purpose within an organization.

Economy series horizontal mailboxes, like other centralized types, contain multiple customer compartments inside one cabinet. But instead of receiving mail from the USPS directly, they are approved only for private delivery. This means that the USPS cannot deliver to these units, but someone within an organization (for example, an employee) can.

These mailboxes have what are called horizontal compartments, which are square or rectangular compartments that are set up in rows. Each has its own lock, and economy series horizontal mailboxes are usually rear loading. This means that an employee can access these mailboxes from behind and distribute mail easily to each compartment.

Some models contain a mix of larger and smaller compartments to accommodate larger pieces of mail, such as some packages, or even large folders of documents. Economy series horizontal mailboxes are available with a variety of regular compartment sizes and numbers as well.

Who Can Use These Mailboxes? Private delivery is useful for locations such as college campuses, mail rooms, military bases, and some businesses where an employee receives mail from the USPS (or some other source) and distributes it to each customer compartment. For businesses, each employee may have his or her own mailbox, and each compartment locks. This is useful when dealing with protected information such as financial records or health records, which need to be kept from unauthorized eyes.

Large commercial complexes can also use these economy mailboxes. If multiple businesses use the same complex, an economy horizontal mailbox may be a good solution, particularly if each employee has his or her own mailbox. Larger volumes of mail going to the same place will need other solutions.

Mail rooms are an ideal place for economy mailboxes, provided your mail room is in a central location on the ground floor. No employee wants to climb stairs while holding large mail volumes.

Economy mailboxes may also be a good solution when many people within an organization need mail, and a business needs to watch its budget.

What Are the Features of Economy Horizontal Mailboxes? All mailboxes in this series have the same outside dimensions, meaning that each mailbox unit will take up the same amount of room, despite the number of compartments it contains. This is a useful feature because many property owners install such mailboxes side by side until all customer needs are met. Since these economy mailboxes are a recessed style, this will make cutting an opening for these mailboxes, or constructing a cabinet for them, much easier than it would be otherwise.

Each economy mailbox can mount beside another, or via wall studs, improving the ease of installation. They can also stack two high, allowing business owners to further expand a mail station. Stacking mailboxes three high isn’t recommended, as this will prevent many from reaching their mail compartments. If using wall studs to separate each mailbox, be sure to install them 24 inches apart to fit each cabinet. Each mailbox column will also need to be 60 inches high.

These horizontal economy mailboxes have open backs, meaning that in most cases, installation into a wall is the best course of action. An employee will need to access the mailboxes from the back (usually from another room such as a mail room) to deliver mail and documents. If security is a concern due to protected information, business owners can purchase a locking back cover to further secure documents inside.

Each mailbox is made from 20-gauge aluminum, and each compartment and lock come with two keys. Every compartment door comes with a powder finish to resist wear and tear, and each door is a quarter inch thick to resist tampering and vandalism. It is also possible to order engraved placards with numbers or names for ease of customer use.

Mailbox doors range from a few inches wide and tall to eleven and a half inches wide and over ten inches high. Before ordering your economy horizontal mailboxes, take inventory to find out expected mail sizes per customer, and whether packages will need to be placed in these compartments. It is possible to mix and match different door sizes in a mail station until all customer needs are met.

Reach Out Today. If you’re looking for the best and most economical mailbox solution for your corporate mail room, collage campus, military base, or other commercial property, be sure to reach out to us with any questions you may have. We’ll help you find the right type of mailbox for your property or organization.