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Does Your Home Office Need a Business Mailbox?

Working from your home office offers a variety of benefits. We all can appreciate the convenience of a 4 step commute and taking lunch whenever you please.

However, a home-based business can have some disadvantages, too. For example, you probably lack a business mailbox.

This may seem insignificant but having a business mailbox actually, has a lot of perks. Read on to learn why you should have one.


Protection for Mail

Working from home doesn’t mean you’re always actually working from home. On those days you have to step away, you can’t risk losing a package or piece of mail.

Having a private mailbox means your mail is guaranteed to be secure. There’s no need to worry about a business package getting stolen off your doorstep.

Your private mailbox will hold your package until you are able to retrieve it.

Appear More Professional

Having a business address shows your customers that you are invested in your own business. A home address can run the risk of appearing unprofessional or less legitimate.

Also, often times P.O. boxes can also appear unprofessional. Customers may believe that you’ll be a short-lived company since you don’t have a physical address.

To avoid this, you can rent a mailbox from a mail and parcel center. Then, you’ll be able to list their address for your business packages.

Maintain Privacy

Having a business mailbox will allow you to keep your privacy from business contacts. You probably don’t want these individuals to know where you live.

For one, they could assume the address belongs to a business shop. They may show up expecting help, to only realize it’s a home.

Also, an off-site mailbox keeps your family from drawing in people you don’t know. It can help you from feeling uncomfortable about strangers knowing where you live.

Boost Your SEO Rankings

When you have a business mailbox, you are able to be featured on Google Local. This allows your company website to be found much easier through search engines.

Companies focus on high search engine rankings for a number of reasons. Most importantly, high SEO rankings allow you to generate more leads.

Since your page will show up higher on Google, customers are more apt to click on your site.

Access Mail on Your Time

If you have a home-based office, it’s likely you’re very busy. You may not have the time to go visit a regular postal service.

Usually, a rented mailbox means you can access your mail at any time. Having 24/7 entry to your mail allows you to have some convenience in your day.

Flexibility With Business Mailbox

Are you a home-based office but plan to move to another home? Or, do you work from home but looking to open an office?

With a business mailbox, you can avoid having to change addresses if you plan to move homes. If you plan to acquire a brick and mortar shop, then you can easily switch the address to your new location.


Finding the right mailbox starts with finding the right company. Lucky for you, you’re in the right place!

At National Mailboxes, we deliver the highest quality commercial and residential mailboxes. Contact us today to learn more about our industry-leading products!

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