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Does Your Centralized Mail System Need Upgrading?

If you manage a residential or commercial property, then you know that everything needs to be upgraded at some point. This can include paint jobs, sidewalks, plumbing, and more. But one thing that many property owners miss upgrading is the mailbox system.

It’s a little-known fact that mailboxes do have a significant impact on whether prospective tenants will choose your property. They are one of the first things that new residents will see when visiting your property, and as package delivery increases, this will only become more important in coming years.

Often, these types of properties make use of centralized mail delivery, in which multiple families or businesses receive mail in one convenient place (or a few of them.) These types of systems have many benefits, but many properties could benefit from switching to newer models and installations of such systems. To find out if your property could benefit from new centralized mail delivery, read on.

Reason #1: Your Mail System Is Outdated

You may already have a centralized mail delivery system serving the property you manage, but some of these systems are considered to be outdated.

How do you know if your centralized mail system is outdated?

There are a few centralized mailbox types that fit this description. If you’re serving a neighborhood or residential community, you may have an old multi-family mailbox system known as a Neighborhood Delivery Cluster Box Unit (or NDCBU for short.) These units were the predecessors to today’s cluster mailbox and pedestal mailbox units, and consisted of multiple customer compartments.

However, these old NDCBU’s did not protect customer mail very well, which led to the advent of the newer CBU (Cluster Mailbox Units.) Today, NDCBU’s cannot be purchased for new installations or for retrofitting older units. These units should be replaced with the newer, more secure pedestal CBU or with horizontal 4C mailboxes.

Another type of outdated, centralized mailbox system is the 4B mailbox. These units can come as vertical units, which mount to a wall, or square cabinets that come as a single assembly. Often, they’re found in apartment buildings. Today, they can only be purchased to retrofit existing setups if no major renovations are taking place. More secure and durable 4C horizontal units are now replacing these older models.

Reason #2: Theft and Vandalism Are Issues

No one likes to deal with mail theft and missing packages, and the good news is that the newer 4C mailboxes are more secure and durable than their older counterparts. This can help prevent vandalism as well, as these mailboxes are designed to withstand physical damage as well as severe weather, since they are often installed outdoors.

4C pedestal and horizontal mailboxes also have locks that are more tamper-proof than older models. Parcel lockers can also be purchased for installation beside such setups, if space for package delivery is needed.

One thing to keep in mind is that when purchasing a new 4C centralized delivery system, you’ll need to have one parcel locker per every ten units in order to receive USPS delivery. More can be added if your property receives a lot of packages.

Reason #3: You Want To Increase Property Value

Property value and curb appeal are two major concerns for property owners, and mailboxes are often one of the first things prospective residents see. However, they’re often missed.

Upgrading mailboxes is a proven way to improve curb appeal and increase the value of a property. For apartment complexes, this can mean upgrading to a more secure and attractive mail system. This can mean installing an attractive mail kiosk to hold recessed 4C units or ordering modern pedestal mailboxes that can come complete with lighting.

Centralized mail systems can even be installed in clubhouses, adding to the appeal of a residential property.

Even centralized mail systems have some potential for customization. Several different colors can be ordered to match the palette of your property, and a few different styles are available.

Reason #4: You are Renovating

When you’re renovating your property or even the area that contains your centralized mail delivery system, it’s important to know whether you’ll need to replace your setup.

If you have 4B vertical mailboxes square compartments, and you’re making major changes to the area that contains one or more of these units, then you’ll need to replace these outdated units with 4C mailboxes of some sort. 4B mailboxes can only be purchased to replace mailboxes of the exact same type and only if renovations are making no real changes to the area.

Even if you’re not replacing old 4B mailboxes, it may be a good idea to install new 4C pedestal or horizontal units. Centralized delivery is preferred by many tenants due to its security and attractiveness. These units are very durable and designed to last a lifetime.

Reason #5: You’re Running Out of Space

Space can be a consideration especially when a lot of packages are coming to your property. Often, packages can pile up in lobbies and offices, waiting for pickup. This can mean lost packages and the loss of space when customers cannot pick up their packages easily during business hours.

Ordering parcel lockers or otherwise switching to a centralized mail system can solve many of these issues, at least with USPS delivery. Parcel lockers can also be ordered for private delivery as well. This may work well when an employee of the commercial or residential property will deliver packages to each tenant as part of their job duties.

Having a place to put most packages will clear some much-needed space in lobbies and offices.

Start Your Upgrade Today

Everything needs an upgrade at some point, and mailboxes are no exception. This is especially true with centralized delivery systems. If you’re ready to renovate your old system or ready to install a new one, contact us today to get started.