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Does Your Business Need a Mail Drop Box?

Drop boxes are convenient tools for collecting not just mail, but many other items that can fit into regular-sized mail slots. You may be wondering if your business can use one, or if you need one at all. There are many models available for private delivery, which means anything that the USPS does not deliver.

These boxes typically stand outdoors as single units or with legs. All have delivery flaps in which customers can deposit mail or items, and all units come with locks so that an employee can access the contents.

Drop boxes are also commonly called collection boxes.

The Benefits of Drop Boxes

  • Drop boxes are available for both USPS and private delivery.
  • These collection boxes can hold small packages and keep them safe from package theft, which is an increasingly common
  • Collection boxes are of sturdy construction, and those made for USPS delivery meet rigorous standards.
  • Freestanding units are available, making installation a relatively easy process.
  • Some units can utilize plastic collection bins inside, making mail collection as easy as simply removing the bin.
  • Wall mount collection mailboxes are also available, and some of these units can recess into walls. Some types allow mail delivery from outside of an area and directly into a secure room on the wall’s other side.

Do You Need a Collection Box?

Many businesses and organizations can make use of collection boxes. If you receive a large amount of mail, no matter the source, you should consider utilizing a collection box. You can also consider using a collection box if the following apply:

  1. Customers often stop by after hours to drop off mail or items. This applies to locations such as libraries, in which patrons often must return books, DVDs, or other materials outside of normal business hours. Another use for such collection boxes would be for school assignments and materials.
  2. You’re handling paper rent or tax payments. If you’re a township or commercial property collecting rent or taxes from a lot of residents, it is good practice to include paper as a payment method. Many customers or taxpayers still rely on paper checks, especially many older residents. Did you know that up to 42% of renters still pay by check? Of course, you’ll want to choose a very secure drop box for such payments and install it in a secure location such as in front of an office in a well-lit place.
  3. You’re collecting ballots. Drop boxes exist that are designed specifically to handle ballots, and they can be used by any agency, municipality, or organization where voting occurs. Choose a ballot drop box with a smaller delivery flap to collect such mail.
  4. You get enough mail to need a bin or tote to carry it. In this case, choose a collection mailbox that can be used with a plastic mail tote. These collection boxes use the same delivery flaps as others, but their inner compartments are large enough to accommodate a tote, which will collect the mail as it falls into the unit. Using such a setup will improve the ease with which you or your employees can retrieve your mail. And totes don’t just work for USPS mail. They’re also good for collecting other small items.
  5. You’re collecting medications. Many pharmacies collect unused medications, and of course, you’ll want a secure method of doing so to prevent theft. Collection boxes are a good, safe method for people to drop off items that they can’t otherwise toss in the trash.
  6. Donations. Like medications, many people can’t simply toss out items that they don’t need anymore, such as clothes, toys, canned goods, and other items. Drop boxes are a great way to collect donations of smaller items that might otherwise get stolen if left in the open. Installing several drop boxes in a row might be an even better way of making collections, especially after hours.
  7. Anything with sensitive information. If you have customers dropping off taxes or utility payments, this mail will have sensitive information such as bank account info and account numbers. Payments for health services are even more sensitive than utility payments and will require extra security. To help your customers avoid theft of their information or health status, choose a drop box in a secure location, or utilize a recessed drop box which will allow customers to deposit mail directly into a secure location on the other side.

If Your Business Needs a Drop Box

And you’re unsure if a drop box is the right solution for you, we’re here to help! National Mailboxes carries an assortment of drop boxes for varying business needs. Contact us today if you have any questions or need help finding the right collection box for you.