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Commercial Mailboxes: Pick Yours With 4 Things in Mind

You need to protect the interests of your tenants, and that’s why we’re sharing this guide on how to pick the best commercial mailboxes. Choose the best here.

It’s time to get your mailbox facts straight.

First, there are many many different kinds of mailboxes. You may not know the first thing about commercial mailboxes, even if you’ve built commercial buildings before. Maybe it’s always been a “close your eyes and jab a finger at the catalog” thing. Or, maybe you just had your kids pick their favorite.

Well, today we’re going to give you ownership of the commercial mailbox choosing process. By the end of this article, you will know the first thing about picking a mailbox for your commercial building. You’ll also know the fourth thing.

1. Is Your Commercial Mailbox Secure?

First, you need to determine how high security your mailbox should be. You are picking a mailbox for future tenants (or even your own future business). There are more than 2500 reported mail theft cases in the United States.

You really don’t want your commercial mailbox to be a victim of such crime.

This is why you need to know how much security you need. Most USPS approved mailboxes are perfectly secure for your needs. They have strong locks and casing preventing forced entry into your commercial mailbox. 

If your business is going to implement an internal mail system, then you might need a less secure option for inside. If this is the case, you should install private use horizontal mailbox solutions in your building. 

2. Indoor Or Outdoor?

What kind of space do you have in and around your building?

You might be building something near to a busy section of town where the property is small. Your building might hug the sidewalk and leave no space for an outdoor mailbox. But, if you are building an apartment with green space, you might be able to place mailboxes outside the building. 

Before deciding where to place your commercial mailboxes, make sure you are following local codes and regulations. This might help determine where you place the mailboxes.

If you place the mailboxes outside, you might consider a cluster box inserted into an outdoor mailbox shelter.  

If indoors, you need to consider how much space you want to take up. You could choose wall mounted commercial mailboxes. You will either have to insert the box into the wall or mount it on a pedestal. 

3. Mounting Your Commercial Mailboxes

How you mount your mailboxes will largely depend on where your mailboxes sit. But you’re probably not going to want to mount your indoor mailbox on a pedestal if the hallways of your commercial building are narrow. You still want people to pass behind anyone attempting to access the commercial mailboxes.

If it’s outside and your building has plenty of green space surrounding its walls, then consider pedestal mounted cluster boxes. 

4. Centralized Or Spread Out?

Lastly, you need to determine how you will arrange your commercial mailboxes. If you are only installing one set of mailboxes, you can skip this section. But if you have a larger complex, you might want to consider logistics. 

Where are people entering your building? Will everybody be able to quickly access their mail? If you have a large complex with multiple office spaces, you might want to consider placing mailboxes in several locations. 

If you are building a highly secure facility, it might make sense to centralize the commercial mailboxes. 


How you place and choose your commercial mailboxes is important. Don’t neglect this vital aspect of commercial building. 

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