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Commercial Mailbox Features vs Residential Mailboxes: 3 Surprising Differences

Over 187 million pieces are sent through the mail every day in the United States.

But those pieces need somewhere to go. If you want that place to be secure and durable, it might be a commercial mailbox.

We’ve put together this quick guide to take a look at the main differences between commercial mailbox features and traditional residential mailboxes.

So keep reading below!

1. Construction and Durability

Any outdoor mailbox, residential or otherwise, must be durable. They have to stand up to the elements and occasional extreme weather conditions.

But commercial mailboxes are a lot stronger than residential ones.

They’re made of the highest-quality construction material, such as aluminum and stainless steel. Commercial mailboxes also have welded seams, rust-proof hinges, and vandal-proof surfaces.

This heavy-duty construction allows commercial mailboxes to stay at peak performance condition for a long period of time. It also protects important or sensitive information from damage or theft.

2. Design and Features

The design and features of residential and commercial mailboxes differ in a few main ways.

For example, homeowners can find residential mailboxes in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. They can even add on pieces that make the mailbox resemble an animal, like a wale or a cow. This allows homeowners to pick something that matches their personality and style.

Commercial mailboxes do come in a variety of configurations, but they all look more or less the same. These mailboxes also represent a more professional and secure feel rather than a personalized design.

Residential mailboxes don’t have as many features as commercial mailboxes either.

Most commercial mailboxes have parcel lockers. This parcel locker can only be opened by a key that the postal service worker will leave inside the recipient’s mailbox. This keeps larger packages secure and prevents theft.

While residential mailboxes can fit small parcels, many packages are too big and have to be left on the front porch, which doesn’t provide the same level of safety as a commercial mailbox.

3. Installation and Mounting

Commercial mailboxes are more versatile when it comes to installation. You can mount commercial mailboxes in several different styles to ensure easy access to postal services and tenants alike.

Here’s a quick look at a few of the ways you can mount and install a commercial mailbox.

  • Mounted in an outdoor enclosure, like a mail stand
  • Mounted on an outdoor post
  • Mounted against an indoor wall, giving the postal service access through the back
  • Mounted on an outdoor wall, giving the postal service access through the front

Again, these are just a few of the most common mounting options for commercial mailboxes. The installation is flexible, which means you can set it up to work for your personal needs.

Comparatively, residential mailboxes only have a few mounting options. Here’s a quick look.

  • Mounted on an outdoor post
  • Mounted on an outdoor wall
  • Through wall mail slot

Of course, any residential or commercial mailbox still has to meet the mounting regulations in your area. Make sure you understand these before you install a commercial mailbox.

Understanding Commercial Mailbox Features

Commercial mailbox features are more versatile and more secure than residential mailboxes. Tenants can receive sensitive documents or important packages without worrying about damage or theft.

They also give you a lot of flexibility when it comes to installation and mounting.

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