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Commercial Mail Drop Boxes You’ll Love

More than 35 million businesses and residences have their mail delivered at their doorsteps. Yet, for a business, a private box is commendable to increase confidentiality. A commercial mail drop box would be ideal for your small business.

A mail drop box provides an address registered and recognized by U.S. Postal Service. It is safe, and you can have your package delivered without giving out your actual location. A commercial mail drop box will have significant impacts on your business.

Read on to know how to choose the right commercial mail drop box and the requirements.

1. Security

Having a mailbox with an efficient locking mechanism is crucial for security. With the increasing cases of identity theft, securing a mailbox is necessary. Thieves target utility or bank bills and other personal information for malicious purposes.

These mail fraudsters can use your mail to obtain property or money. If you have missing mail in your box, consider contacting the Postal Inspection Service. The locking mechanisms promote mailbox security, which ensures that your business will not be subject to fraud.

Making a mailbox completely theft proof and have the recommended USPS standards is not easy. You can purchase a mailbox that has a hopper door mechanism. With such a feature, thieves can’t reach the mail drop box.
Some of the wall-mount collection boxes have secure locking mechanisms.

However, the mail is likely to drop inside the building, which is a concern for most recipients.

Based on the manufacturer, some of the security features that you should look for including a wafer lock, patented anti-pry latch, and steel hinges. These features ensure that your mailbox is not vulnerable to exploitation. You don’t have to employ personnel to man the mailbox.

2. Proximity to Your Business Location

The location of the mail drop box is one of the most important considerations for your small business. Some of the options include an outdoor/indoor unit in an exterior wall, an indoor unit, or a free-standing drop box. The location choice is dependent on your business location.

For the indoor commercial postal drop boxes, the USPS has given full approval. They are available in a variety of sizes and styles. These drop boxes have a standard size and can be within office building lobbies or apartments.

The wall-mount drop boxes are incomparable to stand-alone mail drop boxes when it comes to installation. The mounted drop-boxes are customizable to a design that suits your small business. Based on your space, you can decide to have the commercial mailbox in a cut-out door or mail slot.

The mounted mailboxes save space, which is vital for any business person. Yet, if you are for convenience for the business and your customers, the stand-alone drop box is the ultimate solution. Whichever design you choose, proximity to your business is the primary factor to consider.

3. Accessibility

The commercial drop-box should be accessible for your business operations. If your business can’t be delivered mail on time, some operations can stall. Choose the rear or front access mail drop boxes based on the design.

The mail collection personnel should not experience hurdles such as high traffic when collecting packages or mail. However, if the mailbox is in such a place, the rear access mail drop box can be a great option. The front access panels are effective in less-crowded streets.

4. Size

Commercial mailboxes come in different sizes, and the volume of your mail determines the capacity to select. For small business owners, emptying the mailbox can be a weekly activity. In such a case, a small commercial mailbox can suffice.
Some businesses prefer to check mail after several weeks.

A large drop box can hold large volumes of packages or mail. The wall mount boxes are spacious and can work for businesses that don’t check the mail regularly.

According to the USPD, the volume of package and shipping of mail has grown to more than 12%. The agency seeks to have more trucks to address the growing number of mailbox users. Companies also have to consider the capacity of their mailboxes because of the voluminous mail they receive.

5. Weather-Resistant Mail Drop Box

With the many commercial mailboxes for sale, selecting a mailbox that is all weather is necessary. Changing a mailbox for your business should not be frequent. While having mailboxes within a building is an option, outdoor designs should be resistant to harsh weather conditions.

A mailbox, which is prone to rust, won’t be stable. In such cases, destruction of your mail is imminent. Purchase boxes made with electro-galvanized steel that will promote your mail’s longevity.

You don’t have to change your mailbox each season. Weatherproofing your mailbox will ensure that you get value for your investment. Choose the design that suits your business and have it powder-coated to address any potential rusting.

Why Should You Consider a Mail Drop Box for Your Small Business?

Well, if you don’t have a commercial mailbox, consider getting one for your business. A mailbox is secure and guarantees one a level of privacy. You don’t need to give your residential address when getting a commercial mailbox.

Contrary to a post office, you can have consistent access to your mail. A private box allows you 24-hour unlimited access. You can receive a weekend or late night deliveries.

A Commercial Mail Drop Box Comes in a Range of Varieties

Choosing features that add value to your small business should be your main consideration.

The USPS mail drop box regulations should guide you when selecting a design for your mailbox. The agency ensures that your Dropbox is safe from mail fraud. Your business should be able to use the mailbox to interact easily with customers and other stakeholders.

Choosing the right private box will ensure that your business gets mail conveniently. Your customers will appreciate the accessibility of your mailbox. Besides, the security features of most private boxes ensure that your packages are safe.

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