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Classy Commercial Mailbox Designs For Upscale Apartment Homes

What do your commercial mailbox units say about your business? Do they stack up to the rest of your buildings?

According to the U.S. Postal Service, 98% of people check their mail every day and more than half find pleasure in receiving mail.

It might be the last thing you think of when designing and building your upscale apartment homes, but finishing touches like your commercial mailbox designs are just as important as the look and feel of your building.

Your upscale apartment homes deserve a mailbox upgrade. 

Think outside the box when it comes to your mailbox designs. There are a variety of classy trends and styles to match the quality of your apartment businesses.

The latest commercial mailbox trends show architects and interior designers taking dull metal mailboxes and turning them into stylish spaces.

Your tenants will appreciate the attention to detail you put into a large part of their everyday life.

Don’t let your cluster mailbox units become an afterthought. 

See how with this collection of classy commercial mailbox designs and ideas for your upscale apartment home.

Where to Place Apartment Mailboxes

If you’re the proud owner of an upscale apartment complex, then you know your tenants are expecting the finest quality of design as well as experience in their apartment homes.

Picking up their mail is a daily part of rental life. So don’t skimp when it comes to providing a unit that is both appealing and practical.

Create a space that is welcoming and easily accessible. You will want to protect your mailbox units from the weather and make sure to shovel and sand the walkway to reach them.

Leaving a mailbox unit out in the cold could mean the doors and locks might freeze shut. It also could cause further wear and tear on the unit. So you may want to install the units in a protected space. 

If you are choosing to install your mailboxes outside, choose a design that is rugged and features a weatherproof powder coat finish which not only resists scratching but vandalism, as well.

If you don’t have an indoor space to put your cluster mailbox units, then consider a design that includes some kind of awning. You could also build an outdoor shelter that surrounds the mailbox units.

This will provide your tenants with protection from the wind, rain, or snow. They can comfortably sift through their mail without getting wet!

Freestanding mailboxes are also an option and can be placed in a convenient location that is close to a heavily trafficked walkway. In other words, they can grab their mail on the way into the apartment building without having to go out of their way.

You can always purchase a wall mounted mailbox unit that is shielded by the building’s roof and is also directly next to the entrance. This is a convenient location for your tenants to get their mail on their way inside.

It won’t take up too much space and will blend in nicely with the apartment building design.

Mailbox Designs to Impress

Today, there are a variety of colors and designs for commercial mailboxes. Choose a color that matches some of the finishes on your building such as the doors or siding.

For a more modern look, go with apartment mailboxes in black or gray. These are more appealing than some of the more common beige variety.

Don’t stop with just the boxes themselves.

You can create a calm atmosphere using other materials that accent your mailboxes such as wood molding or brightly painted borders, as well as accent lighting. 

Lighting and location are also considerations when making sure your mailbox units are safe and visible. Thick heavy-duty gauge aluminum mailboxes ensure protection as well as durability.

Create a physical space that encourages communal activities. This can be achieved by adding benches or tables so tenants can sit and sort through their mail. This may also spark conversations and become a place for tenants to build friendships.

You may want to encourage tenants to recycle or dispose of unwanted mail by placing bins around the mailbox unit. This may save on clean-up time later, since some tenants may be prone to leaving trash on the units themselves.

Mailbox Design Safety Features 

Your tenant’s mailboxes are not just there for aesthetic purposes, they also protect private information.

As mentioned earlier, added safety features are another key aspect of your mailbox designs. This is because there are regulations that mailboxes must meet to become USPS approved.

Features such as 300 series stainless steel components as well as interlocking overlap seams for the doors, are signs that the mailbox will not only be weather resistant but also difficult to pry into.

Other considerations for safety are the locks. Double-locking parcel locking mechanisms can add to the mail package security, as well as having the new USPS-1172 910A locks which meet the latest postal standard regulation now in effect.

Commercial Mailbox Trends

Mailbox trends today are modern, sleek, and professional. In the classier commercial apartment buildings, you’ll find large rooms dedicated to walls of mailbox units with clean lines and soothing lighting.

The commercial mailbox designs themselves should match the look and feel of the rest of your building’s interior design. In some cases, this could include bright colors that make your mailbox units pop. 

Don’t be afraid to go colorful and create a cheerful space that sparks creativity and fun for your tenants. You can play with the numbers on the mailboxes as well to really create a bold look.

Very plain mailboxes that are all the same shape and size can look boring to the eye. Some of the more unique commercial mailbox designs have a variety of interlocking sizes and shapes. This creates a more playful look that could almost be mistaken for wall art!

Some other mailbox ideas include wooden units that have a warmer feel than the traditional metal. Although you want to be sure the units are secure and locked to protect your tenant’s privacy.

Ready to Get Started?

Whether your business is big or small, mailbox designs can benefit any space and make it feel not only more welcoming but also increase the appeal of your apartment homes to future tenants.

Imagine showing off your building space and knowing every aspect upholds the quality and class that your apartment homes provide.

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