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Celebrate Your Team With the Right Lockers

When it comes to managing a sports team, there are a lot of things to consider: training, morale, sportsmanship, and of course, the famous locker room. Studies show that the locker room is vital to team cohesion and morale, though it’s often an overlooked part of managing a team. Social interactions happen in locker rooms, and this is where players and coaches will spend some time before and after games.

It only makes sense that the locker room should not only protect players’ belongings and reduce germs,  but boost morale as well. The good news is that the right lockers can do all three, and there are several different types to choose from.

Types of Lockers

Metal, wooden, and plastic lockers are available for locker rooms. The type that will work the best for your sports team will depend on the conditions of your locker room, how much storage team members need, and what type of customization is desired.

Metal lockers are durable and able to withstand a variety of environments. They are easy to install side by side and come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 12 to 18 inches wide. These lockers can come as tiered units ranging from two to ten tiers, so if not much storage is needed, installing tiered lockers can go a long way towards saving space. Metal lockers are often vented, and have more options for locking mechanisms than other types of lockers. These types of lockers can include padlocks, key locks, and combination locks already installed in the lockers themselves.

Plastic lockers are well-suited for more humid environments such as some athletic facilities and in areas where pools and showers are present. These lockers, despite their name, are made of sturdy plastics and are designed to be water resistant and easy to clean. These lockers can come as single units (much like the standard school locker) or with multiple tiers, ranging from two to ten tiers. Compartment sizes also range from 12 inches wide to 18 inches wide to accommodate large pieces of sports equipment.

Plastic lockers, because they’re water resistant and easy to clean, can help combat the spread of germs in the locker room. Allowing enough room for storage will also help to prevent the sharing or touching of items such as towels and clothes, which can spread bacteria.

Wooden lockers are attractive and work well in health clubs and some upscale gyms. They can boost the mood of a locker room quickly, and range from a single tier to six tiers. Wooden lockers work best in environments that aren’t too moist, and they have the most potential for customization out of the locker types.

Different Colors and Customization

Lockers can be ordered in a few different colors, and often a color can be chosen that matches your team or school. This is true mainly for metal and plastic lockers.

Wooden lockers come with a default wooden look, but have more options for paneling and placement than other types. These panels have a designer wood finish and come as side panels, sloping hoods, top fillers, side panels, and even corner fillers to prevent the loss of items that may fall into a corner if the lockers are set up in one. Front vertical filters will match the look of lockers and fill in unattractive spaces between lockers, if any exist.

All lockers come with the option to have engraved number plates included, which can assign a locker to a specific team member. Optional padlocks can be included if security is an issue, and these locks can be opened with keys or with number pads. Metal lockers can also have the lock built in, either as a combination or a keypad lock.

Some metal lockers come vented, meaning that they have a screen to allow humidity to escape and prevent the build-up of odors. This also helps to stop the growth of bacteria and leads to an improved locker room experience.

Extra shelving can be purchased for lockers, if a single tier locker needs to be split into two. It’s also a requirement for single tier lockers to have one shelf no higher than 48 inches from the floor, according to the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Don’t Forget Seating

If lockers are present, then seating will be necessary, too. Benches will help to meet the ADA guidelines, and there are several different types to choose from. Benches come as wooden, plastic, or metal models and can be chosen to match the palette of your locker room. These materials also make them easy to clean, and benches can be purchased ADA-approved to save time and ensure compliance. Benches can come with or without seat backs.

And if Extra Storage Is Needed

Organized locker rooms are great for morale. Organization is good for relieving stress and improving focus. However, some team members may not want to store items such as cell phones and laptops in the same lockers as shoes, towels, and sports equipment. This is especially true in high schools and colleges, who use locker rooms

Cell phone lockers are an excellent way for team members to store these valuable items. They’re also good for storing keys and tablets.

Celebrate and Appreciate Your Team Today

If you’re looking to boost the morale of your sports team, the locker room is an excellent place to start. An organized, attractive space will help your team to feel appreciated and safe. Lockers are easy to install and maintain, and they can go a long way towards preventing health issues associated with locker rooms. To get started, contact us today.