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Can a New Mailbox Boost Property Management Revenue?

Looking for fresh ideas to increase your revenue and the value of your rental properties? 

You may not have considered a new mailbox but it has more benefits than you might think!

Read on to learn how a mailbox can change the way potential tenants view your property.

Boosting Property Revenue: The New Mailbox Edition

There are several mailboxes to choose from on today’s market. They range from sophisticated residential models to commercial cluster models.

Choosing the right mailbox can add to your property’s curb appeal without incurring high costs.

A mailbox can add convenience, style and authenticity. Choosing the ideal mailbox depends on the property and the tenant that you wish you attract.

So, how do you decide on a mailbox for your property? Here are a few ways that the right mailbox can boost curb appeal.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Mailbox for Your Rental Property

1. Consider the Type and Style of Property

When choosing the right mailbox, you need to consider the property type. You would not choose the same mailbox for an older Victorian style home that you would for a group of brick, one level duplexes.

There are beautiful, intricate wrought iron designs, and basic cluster boxes to choose from.

Think of what type of mailbox fits the style and type of property that you are buying for and choose accordingly.

2. Dress it Up!

There are several ways to dress up your mailbox. Some of these are inexpensive and easy options, and others are more costly and time-consuming.

Adding vinyl street numbers is one way that you can add to the look of your property’s mailbox without spending much money. Plus, vinyl lettering comes in a variety of styles to match the look of the home or apartment.

You can also surround the mailbox with brick. This looks great with brick homes or duplexes.

You can perform the job yourself with a few do-it-yourself materials like brick and mortar from your local big box retailer. 

This adds a great deal of curb appeal and attracts higher end tenants.

3. Plant Flowers.

Almost all mailbox settings can be spruced up with flowers.

Surrounding your mailbox with a small but eye-grabbing flower garden will be sure to turn heads.

Choose flowers that bloom year round or plant a few types to have flowers that will bloom during different seasons.

Be sure to choose varieties that require little maintenance if you are not able to water and prune several times a week. And make sure that the flowers you plant are appropriate for the climate of your area.

4. Material

Mailboxes come in a variety of materials.

There are steel galvanized, rust resistant, plastic, brass, copper and even cedar models to choose from.

If you are looking for a heavy-duty model that will last, steel is a good option.

To add a touch of elegance, a brass mailbox might be the way to go.

Plastic mailboxes tend to be less durable, but can be easily and inexpensively replaced.

Consider how much exposure to the elements that it will receive. If it is in an area that gets substantial amounts of rain or snow, you will need to choose a material that will hold up. However, if you are attaching the mailbox to the home and it will be covered under a porch or awning, a less durable material might cut costs and still last for years.


A new mailbox is the perfect way to add a quick improvement to your property.

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