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Best Ways to Keep Your Outgoing Office Mail Safe

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Do you have a lot of mail that leaves your office via the USPS or other means? If you run a business, you likely send out a lot of paper mail, ranging from ads to packages, and you don’t want that mail falling into the wrong hands.

This goes double if you mail out anything that has personal information, such as Social Security numbers, medical information, or any other private information. Did you know that mail is a top way that thieves steal identities and other important info?

You can help to prevent this crime on your end, and prevent a loss of income and customer trust, by employing some of these best ways to keep your outgoing mail safe.

Method #1: Keep Outgoing Mail in a Secured Area. If you have a large company, you have a higher chance of important things such as sensitive mail going missing. Mail rooms are often used not only to sort mail, but to keep information safe. Such rooms can benefit from security cameras, good lighting, and authorizing only certain employees. They can also utilize mail chutes and drops, which are mentioned below.

However, mail rooms can take up a lot of space and collect packages, and some are only open during some parts of the day, making the collection and drop-off of mail difficult. It can also be difficult to secure some larger mail rooms.

Method #2: Use Letter Locker Mailboxes. If you collect a lot of mail in plastic totes, letter locker mailboxes keep these totes safe until the USPS can pick them up. These locking receptacles are an excellent way to safeguard high mail volumes, both outgoing and incoming.


  • Can Be Installed Outdoors. Letter locker mailboxes are designed to mount on concrete and withstand damage.
  • Secure locks keep your mail safe.
  • Easy to Use. It’s unnecessary to have the USPS visit your mail room or come into your building, unless there is package delivery.
  • Saves Space. Letter locker mailboxes store your mail and free up space in your office.


  • Higher upfront cost, including the possible pouring of concrete.
  • Must be installed in a central or forward-facing area.

Method #3: Use Mail Slots, Chutes, or Collection Boxes. Mail slots will work the best in a busy office that has a designated mail room or area. Mail slots or chutes can be mounted into walls, and mail can go through to a waiting area or bin on the other side. Collection boxes can be purchased for private delivery by a company or property and collect mail for a company employee to access and take to the post office later.


  • Usually Easy to Install. Mail slots and drops are typically recessed into walls and doors and will need a small hole cut for each. Generally, you’ll only need to install one per area.
  • Mail Slot Can Be “Open” At All Times. While some mail rooms can be closed off-hours, and employees staying late or working overtime should still be able to drop mail in the slot.
  • Can Prevent Theft. Mail slots and chutes are difficult to reach through due to their inward-turning flaps.


  • Best Used with Mail Rooms. You’ll need a relatively secure area to collect the mail being dropped off from around the office.
  • Not Entirely Foolproof. Mail slots and chutes are best if installed well above where mail will actually collect, to prevent a determined thief. Collection boxes installed in an unsecured area can still be subject to theft.

Method #4: Direct USPS Delivery. If you have an employee who can take your office mail directly to the post office every day, you may be able to use this method for keeping mail safe. Generally, the employee will take mail to the nearest post office using plastic totes.


  • Low Cost. Plastic totes or mail bags are inexpensive and can be purchased online.
  • No Need for A Secure Area. This method can work well if your office is limited on space or very busy, with no good way to keep mail secure.


  • A Time Commitment. Your employee will need to run to the post office daily in most cases.
  • Bad Weather. The USPS is more likely to run in bad weather conditions such as winter storms, and if your area is prone, it may be difficult to do a mail run.
  • Packages Are Cumbersome. Unless you use another delivery service for packages, taking them to the post office can be tricky.

Need To Keep Your Mail Safe? At National Mailboxes, we want to ensure you can safeguard your mail and sensitive information on your commercial property. If you have questions, contact us today, and we’ll help you find the right solution for you and your company.