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How to Install a Cluster Box Unit

How to Install A CBU, Or Cluster Box Unit

Property managers will need to provide mail delivery for their tenants, whether they live in an apartment complex, use a commercial property, or have homes in a multi-family community.

Cluster boxes are common, and once purchased, will need to be installed.

Preparing the Concrete Pad

All cluster boxes are mounted onto a level surface, and outdoors, this will be a concrete pad. The pad will hold the pedestal in place and keep the mailbox level.

  • First, you will need to locate a good place to install your CBU(s) and pour one concrete pad for each unit, if these pads do not already exist.
  • Ensure that this pad meets USPS specifications for cluster mailbox units.
  • Also ensure that this concrete pad meets manufacturer requirements to support this CBU.
  • Allow the concrete slab to dry before moving to the next step.

Installing The Pedestal

The pedestal to the CBU will hold the main cabinet, anchoring it to the concrete slab.

  • Remove the pedestal, gasket, and template from the box and place the template on the center of the dried slab. Use a measuring tape to do this correctly.
  • Once the template is in place, drill four-inch-deep holes with a ½ drill bit.
  • Clean the area, and place the gasket, matching up the holes.
  • Place the pedestal, matching the holes, and check it with a leveler. Use washers to even it out if needed.
  • Use the anchors and a torque wrench to bolt the pedestal to the concrete.

Adding the Main Cabinet

You will need a helper to mount the main cabinet, as this component is heavy.

  • Inspect the cabinet before removing it from the box and place it over the pedestal.
  • One person should hold the cabinet while the other removes the bottom, interior access panels to reveal mounting hardware.
  • Place the washer and nut onto the hardware and tighten with a ratchet. There will be four pieces of hardware.
  • Return the interior panels and close the CBU.

Finalizing the Installation

For the final step, contact the local USPS. An employee will add locks to the outgoing mail door, a master lock to the CBU, and locks to the parcel lockers. Only the USPS will operate these locks.

It is your responsibility to distribute tenant keys, as these will come with the CBU.

Cluster Box Unit FAQs: