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A Simple Guide to Choosing The Best Multi Unit Mailboxes

If your commercial real estate property has multiple tenants living throughout the complex, it’s important to choose the right mailbox. Over 350,000 mailpieces are processed every minute.

Multi unit mailboxes are your top pick for providing your tenants with easy access to their mail at all times of the day.

Let’s dive into our simple guide to choosing the best multi unit mailboxes that will work best for the mail delivery process at your property.

1. Multi Unit Mailboxes Include Cluster Mailboxes

One option you should consider installing for your tenants is a cluster mailbox system. A cluster box unit, or CBU, is also a way to reduce costs for the mail delivery service.

A strong aluminum material guards the individual mailboxes for prime security. The material is rust-proof and very hard to break into!

Cluster mailboxes are great for the outdoors, too. These mailboxes also include parcel locks that only the trusted USPS mail carrier and you have access to. Consider adding this postal certified unit to better accommodate the residents living in a building you own.

2. Consider Installing Horizontal Mailboxes for Ease of Acess

The horizontal mailbox is another option to consider.

These mailboxes are also constructed from top-quality aluminum and have a variety of colors to choose from if you desire a color coated finish. A horizontal mailbox is placed in the wall to replace an existing wall-mount mailbox.

You have the option to pick a font loading or a rear loading horizontal mailbox. Door engraving and personalization is also possible with the purchase of horizontal mailboxes. A wall mount unit is highly secure and people are drawn to their customization perks.

3. The Multi Unit Mailboxes You Choose Must Provide Security

Whether you decide to purchase a cluster mailbox or a wall mount unit such as a horizontal mailbox, they must be secure at all times. Having a secure multi unit mailbox system is ideal for extra protection from theft. Unfortunately, according to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, over 10,000 criminal suspects are responsible for theft or stolen mail.

Eliminate the possibility of theft by having confidence in the mailbox located in your multi unit complex. Make sure the mailbox has a few different approaches to protection. These include rubber sealed access doors, two keyholes, and private captive locks.

4. Add Parcel Locker Options

parcel locker is a great way to contain larger parcels when they are delivered to a home. If you currently operate a multi unit complex, residents love this option to storage larger packages with ease. Parcel lockers are not equipped for regular mail, as they are specifically designed to hold USPS parcels.

Instead of missing a delivery because of size limitations, consider adding parcel lockers to improve the mail delivery service at your business or home location.

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