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A Guide to Distributing Mail for an Entire Company

When it comes to running a commercial property or managing a larger business, there are always issues that need to be tackled. Mail delivery is vital even in the digital age, with many companies relying on the mail to exchange valuable information, protect records, and receive packages. Delivery can come from the USPS or mail can be distributed within a company (private delivery.) No matter which type of mail delivery you need, having a safe and secure system is a must.

Thankfully, many solutions exist for businesses and commercial properties to handle mail delivery without much difficulty. Centralized mail delivery systems, data delivery boxes, parcel lockers, and mail slots are available for commercial use.

USPS Delivery

When thinking about mail delivery, most think of delivery from the USPS. When seeking direct USPS delivery to each person or business, there are a few factors to consider.

First, will delivery be to multiple different companies renting a commercial property, or will it be to multiple people within the same company? USPS delivery tends to work the best when delivering to multiple businesses who are sharing the same property.

Second, how many customer units will be needed? This will help determine which type of centralized delivery will work the best. Centralized delivery systems do vary.

And third, how many packages does the property receive? Parcel lockers are valuable for receiving packages right from the USPS and protecting them from damage and theft as they wait for pickup.

When the mail volume is fairly low and not too many packages get delivered to a property, multi-unit curbside mailboxes can work well. If extra security is needed, these mailboxes can come as locking models to protect mail.

Excellent, secure choices for USPS delivery include 4C horizontal mailboxes and freestanding 4C mailboxes. Both include a number of horizontal units and often parcel lockers for packages. Freestanding models can be mounted on pedestals and are ideal for outdoor settings, and horizontal models can be mounted against or recessed into walls. All 4C mailboxes are pre-approved for USPS delivery. Most also come with parcel lockers in order to meet USPS requirements.

With these units, each customer or address receives a key to access their compartment. These units can be customized with address numbers as well.

Just don’t forget that when installing any type of USPS-approved mailbox, certain requirements must be met to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Private Delivery

Sometimes, mail must be received from the USPS and then delivered by a private employee to various offices, departments, and buildings within the same company. This is known as private delivery. At other times, there may not be adequate space to install a centralized mail system to USPS standards.

In this case, having an organized mail delivery system is a must to prevent lost mail and secure sensitive information such as medical records. Mail sorting stations are often messy and not secure, especially when handling a lot of packages, so investing in a new system can solve many problems.

While 4C models can be purchased for private delivery, it is not necessary to do so. Private delivery systems have more flexibility when it comes to installation, as USPS regulations do not need to be met. Older, 4B models and vertical wall-mount mailboxes can work well for private delivery to individual offices and departments. Mail slots, which are easily installed into office doors, can be a viable option for regular mail.

Private delivery can work well in some situations, but if such delivery is taking too much time and wasting productivity, it may be worth switching to a centralized mail system for USPS delivery, if possible.

Handling Packages

Most businesses and commercial properties receive packages. It’s a well-known fact that these packages can often be stolen, and security for such valuable mail is a must. This tends to be true when packages are left outside in front of doors, or in other unsecured locations. Even packages left in lobbies and mail rooms can be open to theft as staff and others come and go.

Parcel lockers can be used for direct USPS and for private delivery. When using USPS delivery, you’ll need at least one of these per ten customer units. Often, they come with horizontal and freestanding mailboxes. Parcel lockers, like their 4C counterparts, can come as freestanding units or as wall-mounted or recessed units.

Parcel lockers can be installed alone or next to an existing mail setup. When packages are delivered, customers receive a key to access it at their convenience. This can be provided by a USPS employee or by a private employee. Though very large packages will not fit inside parcel lockers, they come in a variety of sizes and can be added to a setup as needed.

Distributing Data Safely

When extra security is needed for sensitive documents and records, mail slots may not be a very safe option. Data breaches are a real concern for many businesses, and the consequences for such breaches can be steep. This can be especially true for government buildings and health care.

When important or sensitive information needs to be distributed on paper between members of a company or organization, then data distribution boxes are a good, secure option. These locking boxes come with mail slots and can be stacked on top of one another, providing an organized, secure way to exchange documents within a company. They are sturdy and can only be accessed by whoever has a key. This eliminates the risk of sensitive information ending up on the floor of an office via a mail slot.

Win Over Chaos Today

Distributing mail to an entire company or commercial property can seem like a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be. Simple solutions exist and they can protect packages, documents, and other sensitive mail. Whether you seek private or USPS delivery, contact us today to get started.