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A Complete and Comprehensive Commercial Mailbox Cost Guide

Are you shopping around for a commercial mailbox? You have a lot of options to choose from – different styles, mounts, and prices. There will most likely be additional fees such as installation.

Before you even purchase your mailbox, you should know the specifics of the mailbox you’re looking for to make sure you’re choosing the right one. For example, figure out how many residents are people that will be using the mailbox and how many boxes they’ll each need.

To learn about the different commercial mailboxes, prices, and other factors, continue reading 
this commercial mailbox buying guide.

USPS-Approved Mailboxes

The USPS has published standards that mailbox manufacturers and sellers must follow to be approved. These standards include how the mailboxes are built and how they are installed. Consider looking at mailboxes with a 4B+ or a 4C standard. USPS regulations enforce higher mailbox security.

STD-4B+ compliant mailboxes have an arrow lock compartment in the master door. This is only required for horizontal or vertical apartment mailboxes. This standard is important because if someone can get into the master door they gain access to every door.

USPS-STD-4C is the standard for centralized wall-mounted mailboxes, which are also called centralized mail delivery equipment. The design of these mailboxes are flatter so they pop out less from the wall.

For every ten boxes, a parcel locker is required. It can either be within the frame or separate.

Types of Commercial Mailboxes

These types of mailboxes are for commercial buildings and areas. They are found in schools, office buildings, dorms, schools, and apartment complexes. Commercial mailboxes are known as multi-unit mailboxes because they have multiple boxes.

Cluster boxes are most commonly seen in apartment lobbies and post offices. All of the boxes are together in one frame. A cluster box can be mounted on a wall or a pedestal.

Apartment boxes are similar to cluster boxes in that they’re all in one frame. However, the frame can only be wall-mounted.

Parcel lockers are like lockers. They’re bigger than cluster boxes in length and width. These lockers are meant to hold packages that can’t fit in regular compartments.

You can install a parcel locker within the same frame as cluster boxes or add it separately. They can be pedestal-mounted or wall-mounted.

Drop boxes are stand-alone mailboxes that are pedestal-mounted or sit flat on the ground. They can hold a lot of mail and packages, which is great for people who don’t check their mail every day.

Companies who want to accept mail from anyone will find that drop boxes are the most secure option. Senders can drop in their mail, but they can’t take anything out. The only way mail can be removed is by unlocking the back compartment.

Horizontal mailboxes have wide and short compartments. Vertical mailboxes are the opposite – thin and long. You can stand up packages and mail in a vertical mailbox, whereas they have to lay flat in a horizontal box.


Pricing depends on how the mailbox is mounted as well as how big the unit is. With the right combination, you could spend more than $2,000 on one unit.

Here are the average price ranges for different mailboxes:

  • Pedestal- or pillar-mounted: $1,200 to $2,100
  • Wall-Mounted: $100 to $300 for 2-6 boxes and $455 to $1,200 for larger units
  • Post-Mounted: $375 to $1,850,
  • Surface-Mounted: $600 to $2,100

The material of the mailbox and any decorations will change the price tag. Putting the unit together and installing it can cost between $40 to $60 per hour.

Use This Commercial Mailbox Buying Guide

You have various choices to look at when you’re shopping for commercial mailboxes. Consider whether there is a type of mount that works best in the area you have for the unit. Count how many boxes you need and what material you want the mailbox to be.

Use this commercial mailbox buying guide to help you make a decision on your new mailbox.

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