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9 Benefits of a Cast Aluminum Mailbox

Whether you’re just moving in or it’s time for an update, a cast aluminum mailbox provides you with plenty of helpful benefits.

If you’re looking for a new mailbox, this material is a smart choice for several reasons.

Read on to discover nine great benefits to owning and using a cast aluminum mailbox.

1. More Intricate Details

If it’s curb appeal you’re after, a cast aluminum mailbox will fit the bill. The manufacturers of these mailboxes can craft them using fine details that are molded directly into the metal.

You can enjoy anything from Victorian-inspired designs to rustic floral looks. Thanks to the casting mold process, manufacturers can create these mailboxes in a seemingly endless array of styles to suit your taste.

Material like steel or iron has a lower melting point which makes them more difficult to create in great detail. With cast aluminum, you can purchase a mailbox in almost any style you can dream up.

2. No Rust

With a cast aluminum mailbox, you won’t need to worry about unsightly rusting. This material needs very little maintenance and can easily maintain its beauty without worry.

The aluminum will also never crack or warp after being in the sun for long periods of time. Unlike steel, aluminum does not rust, which makes this type of a mailbox a wise investment, especially if you live in humid or rainy areas.

3. A Cast Aluminum Mailbox is Lightweight

By its very nature, aluminum is a fairly lightweight material, and mailboxes are no exception. These mailboxes are even lighter than wood, which makes them quite easy to move around.

With a lower weight, it’s less expensive to order and ship this style of mailbox if you want to buy them online. The lightweight properties also make the mailbox much easier to assemble and set up wherever you choose to put it.

4. Cast Aluminum is Strong

Don’t let the lightweight nature of aluminum fool you. Even though it’s lighter than steel, it’s also extremely strong and impervious to breaking.

Thanks to the durability of these mailboxes, they’re almost impossible for criminals to penetrate. This means that your mail and packages are safe and protected until you come home and unlock the mailbox. Consider using a lockable design for that added layer of protection.

5. Many Finishes are Available

Whether you want something in a classic black or you prefer a more modern color, cast aluminum mailboxes can be finished in a wide range of hues. Choose something bright like a colorful design featuring your favorite sports team’s colors.

You can also go with a matte white or gray to give your home a touch of elegant curb appeal. Pick an aluminum mailbox finished in a bright metallic if you want it to stand out. The sky is the limit since these mailboxes are available in a myriad of colors and finishes to suit your abode.

6. Easy to Accessorize

Thanks to their intricate designs, you can choose a number of unique accessories to go with your cast aluminum mailbox. Select from a range of formats include wall-mount and post-mounted styles.

You can also create a custom look with an assortment of mailbox posts and post toppers. Add address numbers in your choice of color and style to make your mailbox complete and give it a more customized aesthetic.

7. Your Mailbox Should Last a Lifetime

Because it’s highly durable and rust-free, your cast aluminum mailbox will serve you well for many years. Unless it gets hit by a passing car, expect your mailbox to last for decades.

The combination of sturdiness and style makes these mailboxes a fantastic choice for homeowners who want to enjoy beautiful curb appeal along with functionality. Pick out a mailbox in a design that reflects your family and the style of your home.

8. Easy Cleaning

Since rust is not something you need to worry about, these mailboxes are fairly easy to maintain and keep clean. Most cast aluminum mailboxes feature a powder-coated finish or a layer of clear protective coating to keep them looking new.

If your mailbox does get dirty, simply rinse it clean with a garden hose. Allow the mailbox to air dry, and it should look as good as new in no time. Powder coating is the best way to preserve the beauty of your aluminum mailbox.

9. You can Change Things Up

If you get tired of the way your mailbox looks, it’s easy to change things with a simple coat of paint. Over time, UV exposure may cause your mailbox to fade a little.

Before you apply a fresh coat of paint to the mailbox, be sure to add a primer and let it dry. The primer will ensure that the paint sticks, and it will keep it looking fresh. Simply paint your mailbox a new color to give it a whole new look.

Enjoy Your Mailbox for a Lifetime

With so many surprising benefits, it’s clear to see why a cast aluminum mailbox is a popular choice for many homeowners. Thanks to its durable and lightweight properties, these mailboxes should last for many years to come.

Choose your favorite design and finish to give your home the curb appeal you’ve been dreaming of. Keep your mailbox clean with regular rinsing and enjoy its beauty and durability over the years.

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