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8 Tips to Make Your Physical Mail More Secure

The United States Postal Service delivers approximately 700,000 pieces of snail mail each day. That’s 700,000 chances of mail theft or fraud to occur.

While most people today are concerned with digital hacking and identify theft, traditional mail can pose the same threats and concerns.

But don’t worry. You can keep your mail, accounts, and your identity safe by taking precautions to prevent mail tampering. Keep reading for 8 ways to keep your physical mail secure.

1. CIA Approved Sealing Tape

The CIA uses a specific kind of tape to seal their envelopes that is not only extremely durable but also provides no way of opening the letter without clearly showing it has been opened. You can’t simply slice or peal this type of tape.

The tape is called “gummed kraft sealing tape”, and you can order it online or possibly buy it at a supply store. The tape has laminated glass fibers inside so you can’t steam it off like traditional tape.

So, if you want to prevent mail tampering of your snail mail, grabbing a roll of this stuff will certainly help.

2. Try E-Billing

Today, you have the option of getting your mailed delivery electronically. Almost all companies provide the option of electronic billing versus physical mail deliveries.

With PUSH E-billing technologies, all your mail goes to one place where you can from there pay for everything in that same place. You don’t have to go to various websites to pay bills.

It is more secure because you don’t have to continually log in and out and use usernames or passwords. It is an “always on” system.

Hackers obtain your info from getting your login information. If you’re not using logins, your mail and your accounts are safer.

Most smartphones have PUSH e-delivery and mobile wallets for this purpose.

3. Sign up for Informed Delivery

The United States Postal Services (USPS) has designed a system that informs you of your mail before it’s on its way. Its called “informed delivery” and sends you a daily email of what physical mail is being sent to you each day.

This is extremely helpful in keeping your mail secure because it allows you to know what items to expect. When you are missing items, you can let USPS know, begin a search, and if there has been mail tampering you will have had the warning.

Thus, you can change your accounts and take precautions against hacking and identify theft.

4. Request Alerts From Shippers

If you’re expecting a package from a company, you can request to be alerted when the item arrives. Most companies will provide a text, call, or email letting you know your item has been delivered.

This is a great way to keep your mail safe. It will show you when the package is delivered and where. If you come home and it it is not there, you will know that someone has taken it.

These alerts usually include tracking alerts, too. You will know where your package is at all times throughout the shipment and delivery. This knowledge helps provide a sense of security.

5. Install Surveillance

Surveillance cameras are a great way to watch your mail and prevent mail tampering. They are popular for commercial mailboxes but can be great for residential purposes, too.

If mail tamperers know there is surveillance, they will be much less likely to mess with your mail. You don’t have to make it obvious, though. Surveillance cameras can come as small as a keyhole.

Put a sign inside your mailbox alerting onlookers that they and the property are under surveillance. This will surely scare any mail thief away.

6. Plan and Schedule Mail Deliveries

All mail delivery companies allow you to schedule your mail as convenient and provide instructions for delivery. If you’re going out of town, you can have the postal service hold your mail until you get back. You can also schedule your package deliveries for a date when you’ll be back home, as to prevent packages sitting on your porch for days.

If you’re moving, you can have the postal service forward your mail for a certain amount of time. This way, you know the mail isn’t in the hands of new residents or sitting in the mailbox for long periods of time.

Another option is to use an alternate shipping address. If you have trustworthy neighbors, send your packages or mail to them while you’re away. If you’re at the office most of the day, have your items delivered to your workplace instead of home.

Ensuring your mail and packages are in your hands (or safe hands) more quickly is one of the best ways to prevent mail tampering.

7. Rent a P.O. Box

If you’re concerned about the safety of your mail, renting a P.O. box is one of the most secure ways to receive mail and prevent mail tampering.

P.O. boxes are mailboxes located at your local post office. The mail essentially goes from the post office to your box. There is no delivery to your home and no more worrying about mail sitting in the mailbox or on your porch.

P.O. boxes are only accessible with a key or combination. Plus, most lobbies are open at all hours. You can get your mail anytime it is convenient and won’t have to worry about being away.

8. Install a Locking or Drop Mailbox

One of the easiest ways to keep your mail secure is by using a secure mailbox.

Many designs today allow mail deliverers to drop the mail through slots in a mailbox that can only be open with a key or code.

Other mailboxes need a code or key to open them, which you can provide to the postal service if comfortable.

Mailboxes and Products to Prevent Mail Tampering

With the right type of mailbox and products, you can help prevent mail tampering and keep your mail and yourself safe from thieves and hackers.

At National Mailboxes, we provide secure mailboxes that need a key or code to open. We also offer residential drop boxes and chest boxes that prevent outsiders hands from getting to your mail.

Check out our full product line and request a quote today.

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