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8 Big Benefits of Having a Commercial Mailbox for Your Business in 2020

Over 142 billion pieces of mail are sent each year by the US Postal Service. How can you be sure that the mail sent to your business is arriving safely?

It can be concerning to your company if mail doesn’t arrive safely. Important information can be lost or customer data can fall into the wrong hands.

But, the good news is that there’s an easy way to keep your company mail safe— use office mailboxes.

Read on to learn the eight top benefits of installing a commercial mailbox and start seeing the benefits they can bring.

1. Security

Keeping your mail safe is one of the biggest advantages of commercial mailboxes.

Have you ever walked out of the elevator to see mail left on the floor outside your business? Unfortunately, busy mailmen or couriers often drop mail outside the building or slip it under the door.

Valuable business correspondence, such as checks or employee data, should not be left on the ground where it could easily be lost, thrown away accidentally, or fall into the wrong hands.

Commercial mailboxes are also physically secure and can withstand storms, high winds, and rain.

Make sure all of your company’s mail stays safe by setting up a private mailbox for your business.

2. Office Mailboxes Offer Privacy

Confidentiality and privacy are essential to any business. Your company has systems in place to protect HR files and personnel data and company finances, but how are you protecting the privacy of your mail?

Businesses are frequently sent packages and letters of a private nature. You may now want all of your staff to see this mail sitting in the letterbox, nor do you want private letters to be opened by the wrong person.

With an office mailbox, you can control who has access. For example, this may be a trusted office administrator who can collect the mail each day and securely distribute it to each intended recipient.

They also offer peace of mind for your customers, so they will be happy to know that the mail they send in (which may contain checks or personal details) is being sent to a secure, private location, where it won’t be seen by the wrong person.

3. Flexible Sizing Options

No matter how big your business is, you can find the right size mailbox.

Commercial mailboxes come in a wide range of sizes so you’re sure to find the perfect fit. If your business is expanding, you may find your mailbox is at capacity.

If so, the mail service may not be able to safely fit all of your mail into your mailbox. Avoid this problem by purchasing a larger mailbox to meet the needs of your business.

4. Space for Outgoing Mail

Office mailboxes aren’t only for incoming mail—they also have a slot for outgoing mail.

How often have you had to run to the post office to mail an important document, time which could be better spent on other tasks? Save time and enjoy the convenience of placing your mail in the outgoing mailbox each day.

5. 24-Hour Access

Is your office staffed and open all day, every day? Many small businesses may only open part-time, or may frequently be out of the office during the day at meetings or events.

In this case, what happens to your mail? If your office is closed, there’s no one to sign for packages and your mail might not be left.

However, with an office mailbox, the post can securely deliver your mail, even if your office is closed. This is useful for Saturday deliveries as well.

Small businesses may benefit from vertical wall mount mailboxes, which work well in small spaces.

6. Reliability

Office mailboxes are reliable. You can run your business with peace of mind knowing that your important mail will be safe in the mailbox, even if you can’t get to it for a few days.

Commercial boxes are built of solid construction and will last for years to come. They are tamper-proof and waterproof, so you can always count on your mail being dry, safe, and in good condition when you receive it.

7. Affordable

You may be surprised to learn how affordable office mailboxes can be. They will last for years to come, so the cost per year is very small.

An office mailbox is an investment in your business. Compared to the stress and cost of having valuable mail lost or damaged, the cost of a mailbox is small.

Businesses that share an office building may want to go in together to purchase a cluster mailbox for the building.

Each mailbox can easily be labeled with the unit number or name of the business, making it easy for the postman to deliver mail to the right postbox for each business.

Purchasing a joint mailbox is also an easy way to reduce the cost per business.

8. They Are USPS Approved

Many commercial mailboxes are USPS approved. This is great news, as it means the mailboxes are designed to accept a master lock held by the postal service, allowing the mailbox to be opened for mail delivery.

USPS approved mailboxes also meet all postal regulations, meaning that they comply with all postal regulations and are built to the highest standard.

You can also find commercial boxes that aren’t USPS approved. These mailboxes are best for internal company mail systems that are commonly used in large companies.

Schools, government departments, and banks also frequently use internal mail systems as well.

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