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7 Tips to Having the Coolest Mailbox on the Block

Did you know that the 1923 law mandating that every American have a mailbox is still in force?

Pretty crazy, right?

Luckily, there’s no law saying you can’t have some fun with the way your mailbox looks.

Even if you tend to use email more than snail mail, having an awesome mailbox at the end of your drive is a great way to show off your personality, make your house stand out, and increase curb appeal.

There are tons of different ways to personalize your mailbox, so there’s something out there to suit absolutely everyone.

Can’t think of a cool design?

Keep reading for tons of personalized mailbox inspiration.

1. Make It Out of a Rustic Wooden Log

Do you love all things rustic, natural, and outdoorsy?

Creating a wooden log mailbox could be the perfect project for you.

You’ll need to grab a log that’s large enough to hold all your mail, then saw off one end and hollow it out.

Reattach the end slice of wood to create a door which opens and closes, keeping your mail safe and dry.

If you’re lucky enough to have a tree trunk at the end of your driveway, look into turning it into a mailbox that comes with its own natural stand.

If you’ve only got a solid log, make your own wooden stand instead.

2. Create a Wire Man to Hold Your Mailbox

Want to make your mailbox look as though it’s being held by a real person?

Creating a wire sculpture of a simple figure isn’t too tricky, and it’s easy to nestle your mailbox under the arm of the figure once it’s done.

Try making a few simple sketches before you get started, and going for a stylized ‘stick man’ style if you’re feeling lost.

Choose colored wire to make your mailbox stand out, or use silver for a more industrial appearance.

This design works well for most types of mailbox, and it’s easy to adjust the height as needed.

3. Design a Retro Computer Mailbox

Love all things geeky? Want to show the world that you’re passionate about your PC?

Using painted wood to create a fake computer screen which opens to store your mail is a fun project that’s sure to make your home stand out.

For extra points, paint a keyboard to go in front of your PC mailbox.

Want something a little more authentic?

Purchase a retro PC monitor and make a project of hollowing it out to hold your mail… but don’t be surprised if it gets a few odd looks from the neighbors.

If you’re after something which is shaped more like a traditional mailbox, consider an old-fashioned standing system unit.

Your mail could soon be coming in via the floppy disk slot!

4. Use a Trellis to Grow Plants Next to Your Mailbox

Do you want your personalized mailbox to feel like an extension of your garden?

Perching a traditional mailbox on top of a wooden trellis is a lovely way to add your own personal touch without going too wacky.

Dig a small bed beneath the trellis and add fast-growing climbers, and you’ll have a beautiful display in no time. Ivy, honeysuckle, wisteria and morning glory should all work well.

To make things look extra polished, fill the bed with stones or woodchips, and use wooden edging to keep things neat.

You’ll have the freedom to change the plants anytime you choose, and there’ll be some wonderful seasonal variation in the way your home looks.

5. Decorate Your Mailbox to Look like a Trailer

Looking for a fun DIY project that won’t take long?

It’s easy to turn a standard metal mailbox into an adorable mini-trailer – all you’ll need is paint, wheels, and your imagination.

Stick some old toy car wheels onto either side of the box, paint on doors and windows, then use scrap metal to attach awning and a couple of AC units.

Voila – you’ve got an awesome personalized mailbox.

You’ll be amazed that you didn’t think of this project yourself since the traditional mailbox shape works perfectly for it.

This project is a lot of fun to do with kids, and all the materials are low-cost and easy to find.

6. Paint Your Mailbox with Urban Grafitti

Fancy showcasing your street art skills for the whole neighborhood to see?

Get inspired by checking out graffiti online or in your local area, then grab the paints and go to town to create a personalized mailbox.

You could ‘tag’ the box with your name, nickname, or initials, and add cool designs in your favorite colors.

Bright shades work really well, but you can also achieve some cool effects using black, white, and grey. Spray paint is the obvious option, but brushes work well if you want a little more detail.

There’s nothing to stop you repainting the mailbox as often as you like, so get creative and have some fun.

7. Make Your Mailbox Look like a Plane

Do you have kids yourself, or regularly take care of little ones?

This is the mailbox for you.

Paint the main box in bright cheerful colors, like red or yellow, and then use wood to attach wings, propellers, and a tail.

Your mailbox is instantly transformed into a super cool plane, and you can even stick a little wooden head on top of the box to make it look like the pilot is smiling out.

You could even get kids involved in the project, asking them to help paint the separate components and teaching them how planes work.

Why Create a Personalized Mailbox?

If you’ve got the chance to add a little fun to your home, why not take it?

Everyone has a mailbox – and it would be amazing if they all looked unique.

Your personalized mailbox could quickly become a source of joy for passing children, visitors, and neighbors – and it should cheer you up everytime you enter your home.

If you live with family, try to get them involved in the project for a fun bonding activity.

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