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4 Essential Tips for Installing 4C Mailboxes

If you’re building a multi-unit apartment complex or an office park with several suites, a 4C mailbox is the easiest way to consolidate your tenants’ mail.

But how do you make sure the mail stays secure? Aside from directing tenants to follow U.S. Postal Service (USPS) safety tips, the way you install your mailbox can make a big difference.

Here’s how to install your 4C mailboxes for the best results.


How to Make Sure Your 4C Mailboxes are Safe and Secure

Safety and security should be top of mind if you’re installing a new mailbox, especially around the holidays.

Here are four installation tips that can help improve the security of your setup.

1. Install Your Mailbox Indoors

If your property is in a high-traffic area and you’re afraid of becoming an easy target for thieves, install your mailbox indoors.

By locating it in a lobby or other community space, you can ensure that only the recipients have easy access to their mail.

This has an added bonus of letting recipients grab their mail without having to stand outdoors in inclement weather.

For the best results, install your mailbox in a spot where you can restrict access. A small room with a digital key entry point is a great way to keep your tenants’ mail safe.

2. Make Sure Everything Is Well-Lit

You need to provide a feeling of safety for tenants no matter what time they retrieve their mail. Apartment complex residents especially need safe access to their mailbox even late at night.

That’s why it’s essential you provide a well-lit area for your mailbox.

Security cameras can also go a long way to improving the security of your mail area.

3. Meet USPS Standards

It’s not enough to want to improve mail security for your tenants. By federal law, your mailbox has to meet certain USPS safety standards.

Any new construction–or major renovation–has to include a mailbox that:

  • Has better compartmental security
  • Is customer-friendly and allows for flat mail placement
  • Is easy for mail carriers to use
  • Includes various larger compartments for parcels
  • Has a secure outgoing mail compartment

To make it easier, the USPS publishes a list of approved manufacturers for 4C mailboxes. Before you buy, make sure the manufacturer is USPS-approved.

4. Choose a Sturdy Mailbox

For the best results, you need a well-made mailbox. Even if you take all of the other precautions, cheap locks or brittle hinges can turn your secure system into a theft liability.

When you’re ready to buy, you need to pick a reputable vendor. Make sure they sell only USPS-approved units.

If you can find a vendor that includes installation kits, it will make the process easier for you.

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