Mailboxes For Every Property in California

California is the most populated state in the US, with close to 40 million people. That means a lot of mailboxes for the 15 million households in the state. There are also close to one million employer establishments as well. There are also over 3 million firms.

Residential and commercial mailboxes are in demand in California. Whether you own your home or rent to someone else, you will need to provide a means for mail delivery. The same goes if you manage or rent out a commercial property. Regular mail must have safe delivery, as well as packages since delivery of packages is growing every year.

We proudly serve the Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, and Sacramento areas, as well as every smaller community in the state. For every community, safe, attractive, and durable mailbox models are available that conform to national regulations and will provide mail delivery for years to come. And for packages, we offer parcel lockers almost guaranteed to keep important packages safe.

USPS Approved California Mailboxes

When most think of mailboxes, they think of those found on curbsides and on the walls of homes. These models are common and easy to install. They are meant to provide a USPS employee an easy way to deliver mail, and in many upscale neighborhoods, the right mailboxes can add to curb appeal and improve a home’s value.

These mailboxes have the best potential for customization so that they match the palette of any neighborhood or community. Some come as locking models, while others can come at a larger than normal size to handle bigger volumes of mail. These types work well for those who cannot check their mail often.

Residential mailboxes can come with a variety of posts, recess into stone pillars, and even come as multi-family units with more than one mailbox mounted on the same post or posts.

Choosing a USPS approved model will help ensure that mail delivery begins right after installation.

USPS Approved California Commercial and Centralized Mailboxes

When it comes to commercial properties and some communities, such as apartments or condos, some form of centralized mail delivery is often needed to meet the needs of tenants.

Centralized mail delivery usually consists of one of three mailbox types: 4C wall-mounted, recessed, or freestanding mailboxes. These new models are USPS-approved and consist of multiple horizontal customer compartments that sit inside a single cabinet. Parcel lockers are usually included and can be added to a centralized mail system as needed. The 4C series of mailboxes have been required for new centralized mailbox installations since 2006. They install well into kiosks, lobbies, and clubhouses. Freestanding models can mount directly onto concrete slabs.

These mailboxes are designed to mount side by side wherever they are installed, which can be indoors or outdoors. In urban areas such as Los Angeles, centralized mailboxes are common.

Sometimes, the older 4B models still stand. These compartments are usually square or sometimes vertical. 4B models are being phased out in favor of the far more secure and durable 4C units, which resist tampering, damage, and weathering. It is recommended to replace these older models with the 4C series of mailboxes.

Frequently Asked Questions About California Mailboxes

Are There Rules For Mailbox Installation In California?

Yes. For all types of mailboxes, there are national rules to follow. Some California cities, however, may also have their own regulations, so it is good to check with your city before buying and installing any type of mailbox.

Curbside mailboxes must stand 41 to 45 inches high and must be 6 to 8 inches back from the road or curb. They must mount on the same side of the road as all others, and not be heavily damaged.

With centralized mailboxes, no parcel locker can be lower than 15 inches from the ground level, and no customer compartment can sit above 67 inches or below 28 inches from floor level.

Can I Add More Mailboxes or Parcel Lockers to My Centralized California Mailboxes?

Yes, but only if you have the new and approved 4C series of mailboxes. These units are designed to mount side by side, so that property owners and managers may create their own mail stations and serve as many tenants as they need. Parcel lockers can also be added to a setup as package delivery continues to increase.

How Do Parcel Lockers Work in California?

Parcel lockers are large, locking compartments that hold customers’ packages until the customer can retrieve them at their convenience. They work well at keeping packages safe and preventing lost mail. One parcel locker is needed for every ten customer compartments in a centralized mail setup. For new apartment installations, that requirement is now one locker per every five compartments.