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Is A Wall Mount Mailbox Right For Me?

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If you’re looking to install a new mailbox, you may be wondering if a wall mount mailbox is the right option for you. These mailboxes are simply mounted on a wall, typically beside a door and in plain view, and are large enough to receive at least one days’ worth of mail. A wall mount mailbox may be the right choice if:

You check your mail daily. If you’re usually home and empty your mailbox every day, a wall mount mailbox should suit your needs well. Larger models can be ordered and used if you only check your mail once every two to three days as well.

You aren’t expecting many packages. If you don’t get many packages left on your porch or in front of your door, then you might want to go with a wall mounted mailbox.

Walking to a curbside mailbox would be difficult. If you have difficulty walking for any distance, using a wall-mounted mailbox that’s next to your front door can eliminate the need to do so, if you are able to install one in the area you live in. If you aren’t sure if you can install a wall-mounted mailbox where you live, check with your local USPS office.

You can install it in a place easy to access. For USPS delivery, a wall-mounted mailbox must be installed in an easy-to-see, easy to access place and there must be no obstructions or safety issues preventing mail delivery. This also means that your USPS delivery person should not have to walk any good distance to deliver your mail.

Should I get a locking wall mounted mailbox? If you’re sure you can install a wall-mounted mailbox at your residence or small business and get USPS delivery, it’s good to know that locking models are available if mail theft is an issue in your area. These models generally have a mail slot or flap to allow USPS delivery while the customer has the key and can operate the lock.