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How Much Do Wall-Mounted Mailboxes Cost?

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If you decide to install your own wall-mounted mailbox unit, the cost can be low, including any extra hardware you may need to purchase. You’ll also need to consider why you are investing in a wall-mounted mailbox and take your situation into account.

At the low end, small capacity wall-mounted mailboxes can cost around $20. If you’re looking for a simple model and not too worried about aesthetics, a mailbox made of galvanized steel and with a small capacity for a day’s worth of mail may be the solution for you. Installing these boxes may only require purchasing the mounting hardware and any necessary tools, and they will serve you well if you check your mail daily and do not receive a lot of large mail.

Purchasing a locking unit does not add much to the cost of a mailbox, though ordering a mailbox with a large capacity can increase the cost by tens of dollars. This can pay off if you or the residents in your community often travel and cannot check the mail every day. Larger capacity mailboxes also work when you’re expecting the delivery of larger mail such as magazines and catalogs.

Some mailboxes meant to add to the aesthetics of a home’s entrance can cost more, up to hundreds of dollars, due to the materials used and the craftsmanship involved. Aluminum, vintage mailboxes can often cost between $100 and $200, and the Victorian styles and some locking mailboxes with large capacity can cost slightly over $200. However, such high-end mailboxes will add to the value of a home and to its curbside appeal, offering a good first impression.

Another factor to consider when purchasing mailboxes is the cost per individual unit, if you are buying more than one. If units for multiple apartments or offices are needed, it may be best to purchase several simple, lower-cost models versus several decorative units that will be expensive to replace should they get damaged. Maintenance costs should be minimal in the long run.