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Can Wall Mounted Mailboxes Be Customized?

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One of the many reasons customers choose to place wall-mounted mailboxes near the entrance to their home or office is for visual appeal. Wall-mount mailboxes are perhaps just as customizable as regular residential mailboxes. They can add curb appeal to a home and may even help to increase a home’s value.

  • These mailboxes can be ordered to match the color palette and style of your home, and other customizations are available as well. Wall mount mailboxes can:
  • Come in a variety of colors. While black is always a popular color, steel, bronze, green, white, and copper are also popular choices.
  • Be made of as many different materials. Aluminum is often used for Victorian mailboxes with die casting, and stainless steel is often used in modern-style mailboxes for a sleek look or a satin finish. Brass is also used when a more antique look is wanted, while galvanized steel is used for traditional mailboxes.
  • Be horizontal or vertical. Most wall-mounted mailboxes are of the horizontal type, with a flap near the top of the box or a lid meant to receive the mail. Vertical models are taller than they are wide and often use lids.
  • Come in a variety of shapes. Traditional mailboxes use a plain design and come in a variety of colors. More architectural models include those shaped like houses, those that come with decorative engravings, and those that come with
  • Can come as locked or unlocked units. When more security is needed, locking units are available in a variety of styles. Locking units are durable and resist tampering.
  • Can be used indoor or outdoor. Units meant for the outdoors only tend to have fancier designs than those used in indoor settings, such as in front of offices. Indoor models tend to be sleeker than their counterparts to save space, and are for more universal use.
  • Can include address labels and plates. When ordering a wall-mounted unit. there is often an option to include an address plate and to customize this as well. There may even be the option to include other text, such as your last name or initials.