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Utah Home and Commercial Mailboxes

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Mail delivery is a necessity no matter where you live or manage properties. Sometimes, it is straightforward and utilizes a simple curbside mailbox, while other times some form of centralized mail delivery is required to handle multiple tenants and packages. Mailbox requirements are generally the same in every state, though local regulations can apply as well.

Utah, which has a population of nearly three million, and is growing at a rate of 16% every ten years, will need more mailboxes in the coming years for single-family homes, entire communities, and commercial properties. Part of good property management is providing safe and effective mail delivery.

We provide mailboxes for the Salt Lake City, Ogden, and St. George areas. We also cover every part of the state in between. No matter which type of property you own or manage, we have a mailbox setup that will serve you or your tenants well. We also provide replacement parts such as mailbox posts, cabinets, address numbers, locks, and more.

USPS-Approved Utah Residential Mailboxes

When thinking of residential mailboxes, the simple curbside mailbox or the wall-mounted mailbox typically come to mind.

These mailboxes are easy to install and serve single-family homes well, but curbside mailboxes can come as multi-family models where more than one compartment is mounted to the same one or two posts. These work well for areas such as strip malls and condo communities where residents do not wish to walk to centralized mail delivery, but property managers want to consolidate maintenance and installation costs.

If extra security is needed, locking mailboxes of both types are also available. They can guard sensitive information and hold small packages.

The curbside mailbox has the best curb appeal potential of all mailbox types and can help to raise a home’s value by improving its first impression. This approach works well for rentals and for home sales. Many attractive models are available, and curbside mailboxes can be customized with different colors, finishes, models, and even address plaques.

To follow national requirements, all-mounted mailboxes must hang in an obvious location, and curbside mailboxes must stand 6 to 8 inches from the curb and be between 41 and 45 inches high.

USPS-Approved Utah Commercial Mailboxes

Sometimes, centralized mail delivery is the best way to handle providing mailboxes to more than a few tenants at a time provided they reside on the same property. Centralized, or commercial, mailboxes consist of multiple customer compartments contained in the same cabinet. These cabinets are sturdy and each compartment locks.

Right now, the 4C line of commercial mailboxes is the only one approved by the USPS for new installations and renovations. The older 4B line of mailboxes are being phased out, as they are not as durable and secure as their newer counterparts.

4C mailboxes can recess into walls, mount to vertical surfaces, or come as freestanding models that can mount onto concrete slabs. They often include parcel lockers as well, for holding packages until customer pickup. When a customer receives a package that fits in a locker, they also receive a key to access it at their convenience.

Ensure that no parcel locker is below 15 inches from the floor or ground, and that all customer compartments are between 28 and 67 inches high. The USPS requires at least one parcel locker for every ten compartments in any newly installed, centralized mail setup, though this number is now one per five for apartment installations.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mailboxes in Utah

Who is Responsible for Damaged Mailboxes in Utah?

Typically, the property manager or owner must replace damaged or destroyed mailboxes. If vandalism was the cause, report it to the postal inspector.

Replacement parts will sometimes allow owners to repair mailboxes rather than replace.

Can I Create My Own Mail Station in Utah?

If using the USPS-approved 4C mailboxes, the answer is yes. These mailboxes can mount side by side and contain varying customer compartments, allowing the creation of mail stations. Parcel lockers can be added as well.

These mailbox types install well into outdoor kiosks, in clubhouses, in lobbies, and in central hallways. Even parking lots or near sidewalks is a good place to install freestanding mailboxes. The key is to install in a forward or central location that is easily accessible.

What Is the Difference Between 4B and 4C Mailboxes In Utah?  

4B mailboxes typically contain square or vertical customer compartments and are not as secure as their 4C counterparts. They also typically don’t have parcel lockers. Replacing them with 4C mailboxes is recommended.