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USPS Approved Mailboxes for Georgia Homes and Businesses

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Georgia has gained over a million new residents in the past decade, and now has a population of over 10 million as of 2021. With new residents means new development and new businesses. And with new development comes the need for safe and secure mail delivery, from every small town to large cities such as Atlanta, Augusta and Columbus.

Of course, with development comes the need for mail and package delivery. The delivery of regular mail may have declined a bit in recent years, but package delivery via the USPS is surging, meaning that new solutions are needed to prevent issues such as mail and identity theft. All tenants look at safety as a concern when renting new properties, whether those be commercial or residential. And safe mail delivery of both regular mail and packages is a part of that experience.

New mailboxes can enhance a property, but sometimes replacement parts will do the trick as well. We provide parts for curbside, centralized, wall-mounted, and other types of mailboxes as well as accessories meant to keep any property appealing for years to come.

USPS Approved Residential Mailboxes in Georgia

New single-family homes and rental properties will need safe and attractive mailboxes. Usually, curbside and wall-mounted mailboxes meet this need.

Both types come in many different models, styles, and sizes. Some come as locking models for businesses or for areas where mail and identity theft may be a concern. For rural areas, aluminum mailboxes work well as they are weather resistant, and for newer communities, multi-family curbside mailboxes are attractive and serve two to eight customers.

Wall-mounted mailboxes work well for single family rental properties if the yard is small, there is no room for a curbside box, and if it can be mounted in an easy to find location such as next to a front door.

Both types of mailboxes must be free of obstructions and other hazards for USPS delivery to occur.

USPS-Approved Commercial Mailboxes in Georgia

Centralized mailboxes for new developments and rental properties must be the 4C type, which meet USPS regulations and are designed to be compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act. 4C mailboxes are a convenient way to provide centralized mail delivery for multi-family communities and commercial properties that house multiple businesses.

4C mailboxes are cabinets that house multiple, horizontal customer compartments. They can mount directly to walls, recess into vertical surfaces, and stand alone as freestanding models that mount to floors or concrete slabs. These types of mailboxes are often found in community clubhouses, lobbies, kiosks, and near parking lots. They are best installed in centralized locations.

Often, parcel lockers come with these mailboxes, and these large compartments hold packages safely until customers can access them using a key provided by a USPS employee. This will help to prevent package theft of USPS-delivered packages.

In some locations, older 4B mailboxes still stand. These units, which have square or vertical compartments, are less secure and durable than their 4C counterparts and should be replaced when major renovations are taking place or if security is a concern. They cannot be purchased for new installations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Georgia Mailboxes

What Is The Best Way To Handle Package Delivery In Georgia?  

Package delivery is increasing everywhere, and parcel lockers can be purchased to hold customer packages from the USPS in a safe, secure space.

Parcel lockers come with most 4C mailbox cabinets and are typically located at the bottom of these units. They can also be purchased alone and added to an existing 4C mail setup if more space for packages is needed. In fact, they are designed to mount or recess beside each other.

No parcel locker can be installed lower than 15 inches from the ground or floor, according to the ADA.

What Are The Rules For Installing Mailboxes In Georgia?

National and local rules apply when installing mailboxes in Georgia. National rules require that curbside mailboxes stand between six and eight inches back from the curb or road, and they must stand between 41 and 45 inches high. For centralized mailboxes, customer compartments can be no higher than 67 inches from the ground and no lower than 28 inches from the ground or floor level.

The Georgia Department of Transportation also lays out rules regarding curbside mailboxes meant to improve highway safety and reduce damage to vehicles in the event of a collision.

Can I Create A Custom Mail Station in Georgia?

4C mailboxes can mount side by side to create a custom mail system. More can be added over time. Only 4C models can be used for new installations, as the 4B models are being phased out. Different sizes and numbers of customer compartments are available to meet tenant needs.