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The Right Mailbox For Your Arizona Property

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Mailboxes in Arizona serve the same purpose they do in the rest of the country. Most properties have them, and there are a variety of types to choose from. Of course, which mailbox works the best will depend on what type of property you own or manage. Some mailbox types work better in large cities such as Phoenix and Tuscon, while others will better suit more sparsely populated areas.

In Arizona, there are over two and a half million households and over a hundred thousand employers. This means a lot of mail and package delivery. Mail delivery may have declined slightly over the past decade, but package delivery is higher than ever, and continues to grow.

We serve the Tuscon, Phoenix, Flagstaff, and all other areas in Arizona and provide residential and commercial mailboxes. Mailboxes are safe, attractive, and durable in order to deal with the elements. In addition, replacement parts and pieces are available for each type of mailbox.

Arizona Mailboxes That Come USPS Approved

Curbside mailboxes are the type that come to mind when most think of mailboxes. These mailboxes usually serve single-family homes, small businesses, and some multi-family properties. They are typically found at roadsides and make mail delivery safe and easy for the USPS. Wall-mounted mailboxes, which are found mostly in suburbs, usually hang near front doors.

Both types of mailboxes can be attractive and customized easily. Some are locking models while others can hold larger volumes of mail than normal. These mailboxes are made for USPS approval before installation, though it’s always best to check with the local post office before installing.

It is also a good idea to check the USPS guidelines for mailbox installation before attempting to install. Some areas, such as Navajo County, may have additional guidelines to follow (see the FAQ.)

Arizona Mailboxes For Multiple Families and Businesses That Are USPS Approved

Single-family mailboxes are not the only type available. Centralized mail delivery is popular in Arizona, especially in multi-family communities, apartment complexes, commercial buildings, and areas where damage to curbside mailboxes is common. These mailboxes consist of multiple customer compartments housed in the same sturdy cabinet, with each compartment having its own key.

The new models of these mailboxes, the 4C series, are approved for USPS delivery while the older 4B models are being phased out. 4C mailboxes have horizontal compartments and usually come with parcel lockers for packages. The older 4B units typically lack parcel lockers, are less secure, and have square or vertical compartments. They can only be purchased to replace mailboxes of the exact same model and type, and only if no major renovations are happening.

All new centralized mail installations must be of the 4C type. These models can be wall-mounted, recessed, or stand alone as freestanding models. Pedestal models exist, though these are also being phased out. For new mailbox systems, at least one parcel locker must be present per every ten customer compartments, and most recently, one locker per five compartments must be present for apartment complexes.

4C mailboxes are sturdy, resist tampering, and resist weathering well. They can be installed into a variety of locations such as kiosks, lobbies, and on concrete slabs, so long as they are easy to reach and find. These mailboxes must be free of obstructions and other hazards.

Frequently Asked Questions About Arizona Mailboxes

How Do I Handle Growing Package Delivery in Arizona?

When managing multi-family or commercial properties in Arizona, package delivery is always a concern. Parcel lockers come with most 4C mailboxes, but if having one parcel locker per five or ten compartments isn’t enough, more lockers can be purchased to add to an existing, centralized mail system. Parcel lockers, in addition to coming with many 4C mailboxes, can also be purchased alone.

I Have a Centralized Mail Station in Arizona. Can I Customize That?

Yes, if the mailboxes are of the new and approved 4C type. These mailboxes can mount side by side, so that property managers and owners can create centralized mail stations that meet the needs of multiple tenants. More mailboxes can be added as needed. Older 4B mailboxes cannot be added to existing installations or purchased for a new installations.

How Are Curbside Mailboxes Installed in Arizona?

Mailboxes in Arizona follow the same regulations they do nationwide: the bottom of each mailbox must be between 41 and 45 inches from the ground, and the post must be 6 to 8 inches back from the road or curb. In Navajo County, there are additional regulations. Mailboxes must be made of light sheet metal or plastic, and no more than two mailboxes can mount to the same post in most cases.