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Offering Mailboxes for Every Need in Michigan

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Everyone needs mail delivery, and Michigan is no exception. Thanks to urban areas such as Detroit and Ann Arbor, over 900,000 residential properties in Michigan are rentals, which means they’re managed by an owner who must ensure that safe mail delivery is available for residents. More than 300,000 of those properties have ten or more units. That means a lot of mailboxes.

In addition, there are many commercial properties as well, mostly in urban areas. Many of these properties house multiple businesses, meaning there is a need for centralized mail delivery.

Package delivery via the USPS is also increasing across the country, and Michigan is no exception. Businesses and families in each type of property are ordering more packages online than ever before. Therefore, the need for safe delivery of parcels is needed, especially in populated cities and suburbs, where package theft can be an issue.

We are here to provide quality mailboxes of every type for your Michigan property, as well as replacement parts and parcel lockers. We serve the Detroit area, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Flint, and many more cities.

USPS Approved Residential Mailboxes in Michigan

Many properties house one family only, so residential mailboxes work well in these settings. Residential mailboxes include curbside mailboxes and wall-mounted mailboxes. Mailboxes are part of your property’s curb appeal, too.

Wall-mounted mailboxes have approval for USPS delivery so long as they are easy to access and find. Many come as large units to hold a bigger volume of mail and small packages, and if theft is an issue in some crowded areas, locking units are available. They work well in suburbs. We offer these mailboxes in many styles.

Curbside mailboxes are simple to install, so long as they follow USPS regulations and are 6 to 8 inches back from the curb or the road. They can hold one unit or multiple units on one or two posts. They have a high potential for customization.

Replacement parts are available in the event of damage. In Michigan, winter roads are a leading cause of mailbox damage from vehicles, and snowplows damage hundreds of mailboxes per year. Often, only a post or customer compartment needs replacing.

USPS Approved Centralized Commercial Mailboxes in Michigan

Centralized mailboxes are those that contain over one customer compartment in the same cabinet. They can mount to walls, recess into walls or kiosks, or stand as a pedestal. The USPS-approved units for new installations are 4C mailboxes. These mailboxes have security and durability built into their design, and are the only series approved by the USPS for new installations and for major renovations. They usually include parcel lockers to hold packages and prevent theft.

With so many apartment complexes and large commercial properties in urban areas, 4C mailboxes are common. Some properties still use the older 4B series of mailboxes, which have square or vertical compartments, but these mailboxes are not as durable or secure as the 4C series. Upgrading can help prevent unsightly winter weather damage, accidents, and vandalism. Making an upgrade will also provide parcel lockers for packages, preventing theft.

4C mailboxes work well in apartment lobbies, kiosks, and other centralized spaces. The freestanding type works well for commercial properties that house a few businesses each, as they can mount outdoors on a concrete slab. For larger office buildings often found in the greater Detroit area, wall-mounted and recessed 4C mailboxes may be the solution for lobbies and

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Handle Package Delivery For My Michigan Property?

Since 2006, the USPS requires that there one parcel locker is present for every ten customer units in a 4C delivery system. These systems often come with enough parcel lockers to meet this need. For new apartment installations, you’ll need one parcel locker per five customer compartments.

If you need more parcel lockers for residential or commercial tenants, it is possible to order more parcel lockers to install beside an existing setup.

What Rules Must I Follow When Installing a Curbside Mailbox in Michigan?

The USPS rules for installing curbside mailboxes are the same for residential and commercial properties. In Michigan, and all states, mailboxes must be 6 to 8 inches back from the road, on the same side of the road as all other mailboxes in the area, and be between 41 and 45 inches above the road surface.

Can I Customize My Michigan Centralized Mailboxes?

Absolutely! 4C mailboxes come in a variety of sizes, with different numbers of customer compartments. They can set up in a variety of ways and installers often mount them side by side. You can add more compartments or lockers over time as needed.