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Massachusetts Mailboxes: All You Need to Know

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No matter which state you live in, there will be a need for mail delivery. This is true whether you own your own home or manage a property for someone else. Mailboxes are necessary for communities such as apartment complexes and for commercial properties that house more than one business.

In Massachusetts, the population is growing at over 5% which is faster than many other states, making the need for new mailboxes important. There are now over 7 million residents, and this also means more businesses who will need USPS mail delivery.

Package delivery is also increasing across the country, and there is a growing need for safe package delivery in apartments, many communities, and for commercial properties who rely on the USPS. We provide solutions not only for mail delivery, but for package delivery as well.

We serve the Boston, Plymouth, Nantucket, and Worcester areas as well as everywhere in between. Not only do we provide mailboxes for all needs as well as parcel lockers, but we also provide replacement parts for each mailbox should something get damaged and break.

Massachusetts Mailboxes with USPS Approval for Homes

Usually, curbside and wall-mounted mailboxes come to mind when one thinks of single-family mailboxes. These mailboxes are common in suburbs and more rural areas, and they are excellent and inexpensive choices for enhancing curb appeal, which can improve the value of a home.

Curbside mailboxes have the highest potential for customization, but they aren’t only for making single-family homes look better. Some smaller businesses can benefit from curbside mailboxes as well, and even multi-family models are available. These models have more than one mailbox unit on top of a post or posts. For businesses, larger, locking models are also available. These units can hold higher volumes of mail and small packages.

Accessories range from finishes, flags, address numbers, plaques, and more. Wall-mounted mailboxes, which simply mount near a front door or above a porch, also have some accessories available.

Massachusetts Mailboxes with USPS Approval for Businesses and Communities

Sometimes, curbside and wall-mounted mailboxes simply aren’t enough to provide mail and package delivery needs for apartments, larger communities, and larger commercial properties and offices. Centralized mail delivery will work well in these situations.

Centralized, or commercial, mailboxes have multiple customer compartments contained in the same cabinet. Currently, the 4C line of mailboxes are approved by the USPS, with the older 4B models being phased out and no longer approved for new installations.

4C mailboxes have horizontal customer compartments and usually double as a package delivery system. The number of customer compartments varies, but there must be at least one parcel locker per every ten compartments for non-apartment installations and at least one per five in apartment installations (as of 2021.)

These mailboxes all lock, and customers can retrieve mail at their convenience. When a package is delivered, it usually goes into the parcel locker and the customer receives a key to access it. Some mailboxes can stand freely on concrete, while others can mount to or recess into walls.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Massachusetts Mailboxes

What Is the Difference Between 4B and 4C Mailboxes in Massachusetts?

Both mailbox types work the same, but the older 4B models usually have square or vertical customer compartments. They are not as secure as their newer 4C counterparts, and are less resistant to weathering, vandalism, and damage. They also don’t usually come with parcel lockers, leaving no safe and secure system for package delivery.

For this reason, only 4C mailboxes are approved for new installations when seeking USPS delivery. They are the only mailboxes that can be used to create new mail stations.

How Are Mailboxes Installed in Massachusetts?

Curbside mailboxes in Massachusetts carry the same regulations as they do nationwide. Each mailbox must stand 6 to 8 inches back from the curb or road and be on the same side of the road as all others. The bottom of each unit must be between 41 and 45 inches from the ground.

Some Massachusetts cities and towns have their own regulations regarding mailboxes. Check with your local authorities.

Commercial mailboxes must have no parcel locker no lower than 15 inches from the floor, and no customer compartment below 28 inches or higher than 67 inches.

Where Do I Install Commercial Mailboxes in Massachusetts?

Generally, commercial mailboxes are found in centralized locations of a property such as near a parking lot, in front of a building, or in a front lobby. For apartment complexes and communities, these locations may be in kiosks, clubhouses, or central hallways. The important thing to remember is that all mailboxes must be free of obstructions and hazards, be in an obvious location, and be easy to reach.