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Maryland Mailboxes for All Homes and Businesses

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Virtually everyone needs a mailbox, and Maryland is no exception. Mail volume remains high and important information travels via the USPS every day, and package delivery to every state grows each year.

Maryland has over 2 million households, and its population is growing quickly at nearly 5 percent over the past decade. This means a lot of new mailboxes will need to be installed as new homes, apartments, businesses, and communities get built. Mailbox needs will vary, and there is a delivery solution for every scenario.

Serving the Baltimore, Annapolis, and Ocean City areas, as well as all towns and rural areas in between, we provide not only every type of mailbox for homes and businesses. Should the worst happen, we also provide replacement parts ranging from mailbox posts to doors to customer locks.

USPS-Approved Mailboxes for Maryland Homes

Every Maryland home and small business needs basic USPS mail delivery. Most often, a simple wall-mounted or curbside mailbox will meet this need. Wall-mounted mailboxes work well in suburbs where yards are smaller, and curbside mailboxes work well in areas where yards are larger or in rural regions. Both types of mailboxes can add to curb appeal and improve a home’s value because they can be customized.

Installation is simple for both mailbox types. Ensure no obstructions block USPS delivery.

If security is an issue or if the mailbox must handle higher than normal volumes of mail, locking models are available as well as larger models capable of holding greater mail volumes and small packages.

For some commercial properties and condo communities, multi-family curbside mailboxes will work well. Using such mailboxes ensures that less time will need to be spent clearing areas around mailboxes, and that the installation cost will be less over installing a higher number of single mailboxes.

USPS-Approved Commercial Maryland Mailboxes

Sometimes curbside and wall-mounted mailboxes won’t meet the needs of some multi-family communities and businesses, especially when several to dozens of tenants need delivery. Centralized mailboxes contain multiple customer compartments inside one cabinet and offer security as each compartment has a lock. Often, these mailboxes include parcel lockers for the safe delivery of packages.

The USPS approves only 4C mailboxes for new installations and renovations. These mailboxes are more durable and secure than their older 4B counterparts, which usually have square or vertical compartments, and have been required for new installations since 2006 nationwide.

4C mailboxes work well in kiosks, clubhouses, lobbies, and on concrete slabs. They should stand in a centralized location for easy access and have no obstructions or dangers such as snow or ice making delivery and mail retrieval dangerous. 4C mailboxes also help to reduce mail theft as they are secure and each compartment has its own lock.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mailboxes in Maryland

Are There Rules for Installing Mailboxes in Maryland?

Yes. Curbside mailboxes must follow national rules for installation, and some areas, such as Wicomico County, have a few additional rules for mailbox installation. Curbside mailboxes must stand 41 to 45 inches high as well as 6 to 8 inches back from the road to avoid vehicle damage.

4C mailboxes must have no parcel locker lower than 15 inches from ground level, and no customer compartment can be over 67 inches from ground level or lower than 27 inches from the floor. Enough space for wheelchair access to centralized mailboxes must be provided.

Package Volume is Increasing. How Can I Handle That in Maryland?

With 4C mailbox setups, parcel lockers can be added as needed. These lockers are often included with 4C mailboxes, as one per every ten customer units is required for non-apartment installations, and one in five is required for apartments. These lockers, like 4C mailboxes themselves, can mount side by side no matter which type.

Parcel lockers can be purchased alone as well to help handle package delivery.

Who is Responsible for Damaged Mailboxes in Maryland?

Generally, the property owner is responsible for replacing damaged mailboxes of all types. In some cases, replacement parts are all that is needed, but in other cases, the mailbox itself will need replacing.

However, in some areas, such as Montgomery County, the highway authority will replace mailboxes damaged by snowplows. This applies if the mailbox was damaged by a vehicle belonging to the highway authority. Check with your locality to see if this rule applies.